You color my rainbow

This is the grande finale for the guest photo blogging challenge…

Thank you, to all my guest photo bloggers.

You so generously shared your treasures, with all the feelings that are tucked away behind each shot. Your participation was greatly appreciated.

Thank you to my kind commenters

You shared your good humor and your support.  They were just as appreciated.

How could we have a photo exposition without an audience?!

This picture below is for you all.  

**Because you truly color my rainbow.**

This picture was taken in Hawaii in 2006. We were in a car passing over the freeway. Then, we saw this rainbow hovering on the mountain side. Click on the pic for a larger view( this was the largest size that I could download it on).

I love how the rainbow starts in the dark on one side and finishes in the sunshine. That is quite  a statement  about life  in itself.

Last bit of news: I will be taking a break from posting on this blog until the week of 5  September.

But, I will be blog surfing and reading your blogs.

If you liked what you saw on this blog and don’t want to miss my return, use the  E MAIL SUBSCRIPTION widget on top of the sidebar.

Aloha to you all, friends!


11 thoughts on “You color my rainbow

  1. Hi friends-
    Valerie- I feel the same about rainbows and I do miss seeing them. I grew up in Hawaii and they were all to common! I rarely see them in France,..
    Thank you. I need a break though I will be blog surfing and that is relaxing 🙂

    Bijoux- Yes; we lucked out with a jumbo sized rainbow! I loved seeing it.
    I hope to see you soon on your blog.

    1. Thanks a lot for constantly visiting my blog Barbara, I appreciate it. Will dedicate an old pic of a rainbow against a dinosaur in your name soon.

      P.S: “Was not kidding about the dinosaur part..!”

  2. BELLISSIMA, Barbara!

    OMG…this is truly the most stunning shot of a rainbow I have EVER seen!

    It’s absolutely breathtaking! I want to start singing, “Somewhere over the rainbow……”

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

    And thank you for having me on your blog this month. It was an honor.

    Enjoy your break, my dear friend!

    (((((( Barb ))))))


  3. Hi there-
    To the wonderful photographer of Fragile Prints, I am touched by your kindness. Thank you for this generous gesture. It is a marvelous adventure to discover your pics. I hope to be around everyday to see more 🙂

    P.S. Please everyone, go over to:
    You not only will be enchanted, but think about this fragile planet of that we call home..

    Ron- I am so happy that you loved this pic! OK; I didn’t win the Pulitzer for it, but it fills me with happiness. Happiness at enjoying the simple things of life. You were very welcome to be a part of our happy exposition! I made some new friends too, which is always very nice.
    P.S. Go ahead and sing your sing, hon! Belt it out!! 🙂

  4. Lovely! It truly makes me dream. I mean, what’s more exotic than a lovely rainbow above Hawaii?

    Enjoy your break 🙂 I’ll be there when you come back.

  5. Zhu- I believe that rainbows are marvelous! I dream, too, because I can rarely see them in France. It is of course, another climate here.
    A second natural thing that I sometimes regret is not having the same night sky. The sky is horribly cloudy over the Paris region and “polluted” with too many lights.
    One of the rare times when I can see a clear sky and sparkling skies is on cold winter nights.
    Thank you for your support and I will be checking out your blog.
    Grosses bises.

  6. Oh wow……. What a very cool photo of a very cool moment in time….

    I’m sad I’ve not been timely in participating, but I did so enjoy being able to peek and comment during this adventure. Thank you for that!

    And happy journeying!!

  7. Anne- How are you today? I also am crazy about them! You would be going “camera mad” in Hawaii. These are some of the most beautiful. Take care xo

    Mel- Lucky us; just as we go over a highway, this baby came out to say Hi. Good idea!
    I am glad that you enjoyed the pictures and the camaraderie. It was fun! And you are very welcome.

    Thanks for the nice send off. I wish I were traveling… It’s OK; we will catch up soon 🙂

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