Inside the Petit Trianon

Come in and have a seat, ladies and gents…

Here we are inside the Petit Trianon for your greatest pleasure.

This palace was originally constructed from 1762-1768 by Louis XVI’s grandfather, Louis XV. It was interesting to learn that not only did grandfather use this as a retreat at the time, but also intended le petit Trianon for his “favorite” or Mistress, who was named Madame de Pompadour.

Louis presented the Petit Trianon to Marie Antoinette after Louis XV’s passing. She was free to decorate and furnish the petit Trianon to her taste.

I was quite taken away by this cozy palace.  The petit Trianon was simple yet refined. It is an easy visit; you will have discovered the marvels of this palace is less than an hour, with time to spare for the gardens and the queen’s hamlet.


Going up to the salons and bedrooms on a gilded stairwell:

Lights, please. One of the chandeliers in the dining room:

The salon de compagnie or salon de music (receiving or music salon), was where Marie Antoinette would spend time with friends. I rather like this red and cream salon.

We now pass into a more private space. This is a part of the queen’s cabinet. The color scene is less lively, cooler and more sober in blue-grey.

The bed in the queen’s bedroom:

This bed was not Marie Antoinette’s but the furniture was apparently what she had ordered for her apartment. It is an adorable bed but, probably way too short for the modern people that we are.  Though, I might be able to fit if I took out the pillow bolsters!

Finally, the queen’s  bedroom window overlooks this sight:

Le temple d’amour or temple of love.

This is going to prepare us to go out and enjoy walking through nature on the way to the queen’s hamlet.

See you soon!

15 thoughts on “Inside the Petit Trianon

  1. Fabulous place. How comfortable the furniture looks, and how elegant. I much prefer this to the tatty bench I showed on my wordless post. You are lucky to be able to take photographs of the interior, it’s not allowed in some of our palaces or even some stately homes.

  2. Hello friends-

    Valerie- You can imagine that I had a good chuckle this morning on the theme of “seats”.
    We had the prince and the pauper in our respective photos! LOL 🙂
    (Note to my readers: Valerie just happened to have a photo of an old broken down bench on her blog).
    You would be surprised if you were at Versailles; everyone and his brother takes photographs! After the staunch “no photo” attitude in the UK, you would love this 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Bijoux- Bonjour! Oui, c’est formidable! Bravo to you 🙂
    Maybe one day, you will be there with your camera & hubby in tow.
    You would love it but you need stamina for a full day’s worth!
    See you again soon.

  3. Barbara, these photographs are simply WOW!!!!!

    OMG…they’re stunning! Love the softness in the colors.

    For some reason, as soon as I saw these images, they reminded me of the movie “Amadeus” (that time period).

    That shot of the light and staircase is flawless! Love the banister!

    And that bed actually would be perfect for someone my size – little – HA!

    Thanks so much for sharing these photos and history, my friend. Muchly enjoyed!

    Happy Wednesday!


  4. It always surprises me how small the beds are. Were people much shorter? Or sleeping alone most of the time? 😉

    I love the chairs and sofa, the pink/red ones. Better than IKEA furniture 😆

  5. Hi there-
    Ron- Thank you my dear. This was a really beautiful little place to photograph.
    And this is just the little palace and people were touched by the beauty. A lot of photgraphy action going on!

    Yes, Amadeus took place in the same era as this- the 18th century. There is a definate resemblance- right on, Ron!

    I am glad that you enjoyed this. Have a great rest of the day and see you soon.

    Zhu- I really do think that people were shorter back then. I have been in old quarters and buildings where the door height was “dangerously” low for 21st century citizens!
    I don’t know about the sleeping alone part. It does make you wonder…
    DEFINATELY; Ikea furniture again loses in the consumer poll! 🙂

  6. Wow…..I was just as surprised to see the interior shots–but pleased as all get out!

    Can’t say I think much of the upholstery choices……LOL….darn good thing I’m a child of THIS century! Oh, but that stairwell shot is awesome. And holy smokes what a view. *sigh*
    Every day that view…..

  7. Hi Mel,

    I am glad to have given you a surprise- Boo! 🙂
    I like to look back on other time periods; it makes me imagine and dream…

    The upolstery choice looks good for me in THAT setting. In a modern house, it may look utterly ridiculous! It depends on your home and the space you have.

    I LOVE the stairwell too 🙂

    Thanks for your kind thoughts 😉

  8. Hi Lucie!
    It’s nice to see you here 😉

    I think that most of the adult peeps in the 21st century would find this bed too short.
    I am on the shorter side, so I could sneak in. But, I have no idea as far as comfort goes…

  9. Hi Lilly,

    I am glad that you enjoyed the pics. The bed seems to have a vote of popularity, though, we need to see a “21st century” version. Longer and wider but no less charming 🙂
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

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