The temple of love

These are just a few shots taken in and around the temple of love, on the grounds of the palace of Versailles. Take a moment to relax and take a breath of fresh air…


See you all very soon!


7 thoughts on “The temple of love

  1. Wow…….

    I needed the clean breath offered here.
    One could sit and stay lost here for a very long time.
    Well, I could at least…….

  2. Barbara, these photos are STUNNING!


    Especially enjoyed the ones of the ceiling and the angel! Love the softness of the colors.

    Definitely made me feel relaxed! Ahhhhhhhhhh……

    Thank you for sharing, my friend!

    Have a wonderful day!

    (((( Barb ))))


  3. Bonjour les amis(friends)

    Ron- Hey there, buddy! I am glad that you enjoyed the side trip to the temple 🙂
    I love the perspective that came out of the inside… Sometimes, getting down and looking up is the winning combination, esp with structures like these columns.
    Enjoy your day. xo

    Valerie- Thank you for these kind words. That is quite a compliment to learn that a genuine emotion is carried through my pics. Those words mean a lot to me.

    Zhu- It was quiet; just a few people around the temple taking pics. You could go anywhere in the surounding woods and feel thousands of miles away…
    That is a good break!

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