The Queen’s little hamlet

These are some views of the place that is called le hameau de la Reine/the queen’s hamlet. Keep in mind that this hamlet was built from 1782-1783 as a retreat. This was where Queen Marie Antoinette and her group would go to escape the constraints of life in the court.

The houses were called “cottages” and there were 10 of them. I suspect that none of these are furnished any longer, as they are not open for inspection on the inside.

Here is a preview:

Behind the watermill cottage:

The mill and its wheel…

The queen’s house and the billiard room. As the name may indicate, this was the entertainment place.

Marborough tower.

Finally, my personal fav, the boudoir or the “queen’s little house”.

How beautiful is that for a queen’s country house, with a veggie garden behind and white flowers all around? It is fit for a queen 🙂

Happy weekend to you, friends.


9 thoughts on “The Queen’s little hamlet

  1. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! these photos, Barb!

    Took my breath away!

    OMG….it’s like stepping back into a whole totally different time!

    Very Shakespearian!

    “Finally, my personal fav, the boudoir or the “queen’s little house”.

    Meeeeeee too!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend! So enjoyed this post!

    Have a great weekend!

    ((((( Barb )))))


  2. Hi everyone,

    Dedene- It was nice to hear from you. Can you just imagine; one’s personal “Fantasyland”? That is just what it was…

    Bijoux- How are you? Thank you. This is a cute place! It is a shame that they don’t refurbish a few of the cottages on the inside. The effect would have been total. ..
    You take care.

    Zhu- Yes, indeed! A shame that is not open. A photographer’s best friend is often a high obersvation place. That is a beautiful thought, sitting up there to star gaze or watch a sunset. 🙂

    Valerie- Thank you. I think all women secretly wish to be queens or princessess at one point or the other. Life gives us other priorities! Well, we can dream a bit… 😉

    Ron- Thanks so much, Ronnie. You can imagine our reaction. We walked around shaking our heads a bit in disbelief “a personal recreational hamlet?” That is a trip!
    The cottages were very cute. Too bad that we can’t book the “boudoir” for a weekend!

  3. Oh wow… What a pity they weren’t open for a look around, furnished or not. I’da been sneaking a peek in the windows, crawling in the spaces around the doorways……omgosh, what a cool place. They’re all lovely in their own right. I think anything with a thatched roof is something awesome–such craftsmanship…..

    Too cool. Thanks for the look around.

  4. Anne- You would have loved it. Imagine, having your own little hamlet 🙂
    It is sure; we could forget our problems a bit by living here like the queen did.
    I hope to hear from you soon xo

    Mel- There was no admittance. Most of them have little fences and their stairways are blocked. Oh yes; I would have loved to peek in the windows, too! I love any place that makes me imagine how people may have lived back in time.
    You are so welcome for the looksee 😉 You take care of yourself.

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