Le Grand Trianon

As much as I would have loved to make you all linger awhile longer here at Versailles, it is time for me to move on.

I will show you some of the last palace that we visited. It is named le Grand Trianon.This palace is of course, larger than the Petit Trianon that we saw in my earlier posts. Le Grand Trianon is less intimate and is more geared to large receptions or official visits.

This palace was built in 1687 on the foundations of another palace that was called le “Trianon de porcelaine” or the porcelain Trianon. The grandfather of Marie Antoinette’s husband used a smaller palace in a similar way as Marie Antoinette did; to get away from the court.

I had briefly presented Marie Antoinette in my previous posts. Marie did use the Grand Trianon on several occasions for the playing of theatrical pieces. But, she preferred the cozier Petit Trianon.

This palace had also been host in times after the end of the French revolution to Emperor Napoleon and his wife. I had already featured Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte in a previous post here .

Below is what I really liked about the Grand Trianon; the Peristyle. It was like a corridor that linked the two wings of the structure and looked out on the gardens ( which were unfortunatly not visually stimulating when wewere there):

Chunky pink and white columns.

There were several apartments or salons with different color schemes and styles. A tiny sampling :

Below is the bedroom called the bedroom of the Queen of the Belgians.

The family room of King Louis Philippe, a 19th century monarch.

The salon des jardins/ the garden salon.


Finally, we are going through la galerie dite des Cotelle/ The Cotelle galery. Named this way because of the artist who painted the artwork on the walls.

I will say “au revoir” to Versailles palace.  If I am motivated in the future, I may come back and tour the main palace.

In any case, next week I will strap on my backpack and sneakers for a place that I really want to experience one day.

This place just happens to be very popular right now and that been making my wanderlust come back with a vengeance.I won’t be saying more, mates.  Come back soon and  find out what I will be showing.

Happy weekend!


7 thoughts on “Le Grand Trianon

  1. Barbara, these photos are absolutely GLORIOUS!

    OMG..I know these photos were taken in France, but for some reason they remind me of Vienna, Austria, and the movie Amadeus!

    I adore how each room has a different color theme. Stunning!

    And I can actually hear the echo sounds of the hallway/gallery in that last photo.

    Thanks oodles for sharing, my friend.

    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED these posts!

    Have a wonderful weekend…..xoxo

  2. Hi friends-

    Val- Hi! Thank you so much. They are a pleasure to share. I like to compare with our era too. We seem to have lost a lot of color. People prefer black or other solid colors, it seems. Each era has its tastes, as we are reminded at Versailles.

    Ron- Hey there, pardner! I am very glad that you enjoyed these. Yes, the color and style of each room is different. That is what made me dare color! I might liked to have done that at home but, with softer colors. But, it looks grandiose here!
    I am happy that you enjoyed this. xo

    Zhu- Zhu is the blogger that is obsessed with… beds! If I ever find that is long or round(you never know), I promise, it will be published here! So far, I only have tiny beds of luxury to propose 🙂

  3. Ummm…they don’t make ’em like that in the rural midwest? LOL That’s okay though. If this was a ‘get away from people’ place, what’s up with all the chairs?!

    Gorgeous–that first photo is just outstanding.
    The rooms, very ornate. And yup–*laughing* What’s up with the bitty beds?!
    Or maybe that’s just the size of the room shrinking it.

    Gorgeous nonetheless.
    If this was ‘downsized luxury, I’d probably pass out from the glory of the fullsize palaces, huh? 😉

  4. Hi ladies,

    Joyce- It is nice to have you back from “les vacances”. 🙂
    I am glad that you enjoyed this. D & I were actually there in May, but yes, it keeps me busy to share archives.
    I will t
    Talk to you soon. xo

    Mel- Hi! I propse tha they make a pretty equivalent of Versailles somewhere in the Midwest. A cozy “home on the range”, with all the creature comforts 🙂 With the passing centuries, its residants, inclusing French or foreign nobles, and it has hosted visiting dignitaries. I guess logically that means a lot of vits,dinners and such…
    Good that you asked 🙂

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