The natives were restless!

With all the talk of the Rugby World cup going on in New Zealand right now,it brought back memories of World cup 2007. There was an event called 100% Pure New Zealand near the Eiffel Tower. Since NZ was the next world cup host, they were promoting tourism. It was a rare chance for us to experience some of the culture of a country which is hands down our dream vacation spot.

People waiting to enter the inflated rugby ball.

Outside, we got song and dance:

And especially enjoyed the haka, the Maori war dance:

They do their absolute best to impress the “ennemy” through gesture voice and dance …

These still haka pics are one thing, but seeing the haka live is another.You have never seen the haka??  Watch it!! Turn up the sound and enjoy the warrior effect on you.You won’t regret it.


3 thoughts on “The natives were restless!

  1. I love haka dances! My favourite part of NZ when we were there.

    It’s hard to catch the games because of the time difference but I try to watch the opening haka whenever I can.

  2. “Watch it!! Turn up the sound and enjoy the warrior effect on you.You won’t regret it.”

    Absolutely fascinating, Barb! No, I’ve never heard or seen haka dance before, so this was such an education!

    Thanks so much for sharing, my friend. LOVED it!

    Have a FAB weekend…..XO

  3. Zhu- I LOVE the haka! What an amazing transformation when I hear it. I am pumped up!
    I can’t explain it… Each time I see the haka is a pleasure.
    I think that you experienced this in NZ and probably have fond memories.

    Ron- Hey Ronnie, I showed you something new!
    This is really a man’s version of the haka but, as you saw in my pics, women do it too.
    Count in kids. Everone does the haka in NZ.
    I am glad that you enjoyed it. xox

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