Sunrise, sunset…

Where has time flown? Out of the picture window, it seems.

Since September, the wind has changed. I now have some problems and challenges that I must face. But, I do not want to make this blog a personal blog( been there, done that in the past). Yet,, I think it only fair to say to my friends and  readers that this blog will be slowing down. Not ending, of course; merely publishing less.

Since I have not been anywhere in a long time and miss my traveling days, I am feeling very akin to the photo below:

Just grinning and bearing it by saying,  that, I am all moored up and have nowhere to go.  Saying that with a chuckle, of course 🙂

This picture of the sunrise was taken along the Bay of Somme, in the Picardie region in France. That dates from Fall 2008  when we had joined  D’s company hiking group for a weekend of walks along the bay.  This is an area where the Bay of Somme meets land. But, it has a “desert island” feeling to it, with long stretches of rock, sand and mud cutting along the land.

How I would have loved to be there right now to charge my batteries. Just take a deep breath with me and exhale all those negative feelings:

I hoped you enjoyed these pics as much as I did. By the way, I will not be posting from now until the end of October(as I have a lot of work). But, of course, I will be returning to answer your comments and visit your blogs.

I will be back in the first days of November.

Bye for now and take care!


17 thoughts on “Sunrise, sunset…

  1. Hi everyone-

    Dedene- Thank you with your wishes. I have a lot of problems all happening at once,esp with family. Oh heck; we all have our problems so, let me try and take my hatchet and chop ’em down, one by one 🙂

    Xavier- Nice to see you! Thanks so much. I will hop around everyone’s blogs and return again for a new and fresh month. I am happy that you enjoyed the pictures. They had been hanging around and I got them out of mothballs, so to speak 🙂 See you soon!

    Valerie- Hi! It was my pleasure to share these pictures. I second the motion for a seaside escape! I love the sea more for the ambiance than for sport(I swim really badly).
    I am trying my best everyday to cope with my existance. I am happy to say- today is a strong day.
    Thanks for all for coming by.

  2. Stunning….and I mean STUNNING photos, Barb!

    OMG…they’re breathtaking! I especially love that first one. When I first looked at it I thought it was a sunSET, but after reading your words, I realize it was a sunRISE. GORGEOUS!

    I totally understand you taking a break. Just know that your fans will be here when you return. And I’m here if you ever need to talk.

    ((((( Barb )))))

    X ya, dear friend!

  3. Hi there-
    Zhu- Thank you! You know, I grew up on an island and whenever I have had the chance to go to a beach, it is like “Wow!”. I don’t even swim; its just for the ambiance, esp the sound of waves.
    I think that you will always remain an “ocean babe” all your life. It is hard to forget our early life 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

    Ron- Hi Ronnie! Thanks so much. I really related to these archived pics… I would have loved to be there this Fall. We have had such a beautiful September and October has been mild.
    That sunrise pic is perhaps the only one in our archives. We have seen more sunsets than sunrises. But both are inspiring.
    See you soon and take care xo

  4. Oh, what a gorgeous sunrise. I try to be present for the rise and the set. There’s something about doing that–it keeps me humbled and grateful. (good place for me to be, actually…)

    Take care of you. Life has a way of happening–and it requires our participation. I’ll hope for lots of sunrises and sunsets and bunches of peace-filled moments in between.

  5. Hello my friend and I hope your hatchet-cutting-down-the-problems work is going well! Wish we could get together and catch up in person, but until our next rendez-vous, just know we are sending all good thoughts and thinking of you from afar (Sydney at the moment!).

    Cheering you on … and looking forward to our next in-person get-together! xxoo from Down Under

  6. Good morning, friends-

    Mel- Hi! I am glad that you made it over! I am so glad that you enjoyed the sunrise. There is something so rejuvenating to see the sun rise and feel its power.
    It is like we are born a second time, too.
    Yes, times have been trying. I am juggling with different challenges in my families both in France and the US. Action and reaction, over and over…
    Thank you for your sunny and peaceful wishes. I hope the same, too.

    Carolyn- G’day to you & Clive! Thank you so much for your kindness, my friends. It is felt along the miles and very appreciated. Yes, we will get together one day. I know it. And, when our traveling days will return, who knows, we may get over to the UK. With the greatest of pleasure, wherever we meet.

    Cheers and enjoy the beautiful country that is Australia! xo

  7. My dear barbara .. we have all had challenges of one description or another .. and don’t we know it … You deserve this break and you will come back fresh and revived I am sure. Yes you will chop those challenges like the branches on a tree .. and the new will spring.

    Take Care Hugs Anne xx

  8. Hi Anne,
    Oh yes indeed; life serves us all big portions of challenges at times. This seems to be my time…
    I appreciate you and Crolyn giving me mental images of chopping and hatching those problems. My, you would think that I am a karate black belt! No, I am just an average person deling with the demands of family.

    You take care too and don’t be a stranger here or on e mail.


  9. Wide open spaces – beaches where no-one has trodden before you – clean, clear-washed pale blue skies – a fantastic shot of the darkness but with the bright warm light of the Sun shining through giving strength and power. And space to simply be. Barbara my dear friend, you will get through this whatever it is.

    Joyce x

  10. Hello Joyce,

    It is so nice to see you here. I know how busy you are, too.

    This area is the photos- la baie de Somme- is a real gem. This is up further north from your “belle-famille’s” region. I am sure that your DIL’s family knows this area well.

    I know how you like sybolisim and yes, the sun is rising through the darkness.The little boat that I am never forgets the light. Light for hope and faith.

    Big hugs to you and your hubby. I shall be in touch xo

  11. I agree with Ron, these are stunning. Thanks for sharing and let’s just keep choppin’ away one thing at a time! Gros bisous

  12. Hi Brigitte,

    Thank you! Like I say often, sharing is a pleasure.The camera and places it see are “stressless zones” and do D & I a world of good.
    I will remember the good advice and attack my problems with my “hatchet’, one at a time 🙂

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