Attach your seat belts, please

Hi friends,

Thanks for all who have been popping in to this blog and coming back…  I will present you my news without further ado and fuss. I will be leaving France for three weeks, beginning Thursday 17 November and wrapping up on Friday 9 December! I had actually bought a ticket a few months back. OK; I am going to California! To San Diego to be exact. Woot, woot!!

I had been wanting to  announce this earlier but, something happened to me.  The kind of something that leaves you scared and makes you say “What do I do next???”

My Mom had a major health crisis.

It is what we all fear when our parents are elderly but when you live half way around the globe, it takes on dramatic proportions.

After many a day reading my sister’s health reports via e-mail and talks with a cousin in San Diego, it was obvious that I had to go there, even just for a few days. Playing upon opportunity to use the 5-6 flying hours from San Diego to Honolulu, I bought a ticket for Honolulu and got a hotel room. Everything is set there. So, I will have a three-week trip in California with a quick 2 day stopover in Hawaii during this duration. It’s for the right cause. And before Hawaii and after, I have the best cousins in the world around me, sunshine, outings(and tons of photo ops too!!!) and other assorted goodies.

The little yacking voice in my head says “it will be fine”. It will be fine.

I need a window seat to get more aerial shots like above and those below:

All three photographs taken in a Boeing crossing the Pacific ocean.

Yes; photographers have dibs for the window seats!!

I am looking forward to reading your comments and commenting on your blogs up until I leave.

Wishing you all smooth flying this week.


14 thoughts on “Attach your seat belts, please

  1. Hey there Barb!

    Love your post title….VERY clever!

    And your photos are stunning! That last one is tres magnifique!

    As I’ve shared in our emails…I know this trip is going to be awesome on so many levels. So glad you decided to do it.

    ((((( Barb )))))

    Have a wonderful time, dear friend. And take LOTS of pictures,okay?


  2. Hello my dear friend … YOu will not regret this trip and it will do you the world of good too. It will be fine .. big hugs to you .. thinking of you as you take this step.

    xxx Anne

  3. Hello friends,
    Dedene- Thank you my dear. Yes, I feel that it is a sound decision too. It will do good for Mom. I will try and have the best possible trip. Hugs to you.

    Valerie- Thank you also! My Mother will be in for some good medicine. It is a boist to healing to have family present.
    Do yourself a favor next time in a plane; try air photography. I was staisfied with what was seen “down there”!

    Bijoux- Hello! How are you doing? My sincere Thanks to you, too. As lovely as Hawaii is, I won’t have any time touring. But, San Diego will be another matter. I expect to discover more of this fabulous city( hubby & I were there in 06). Take care!

    Ron- Good morning! Here we are down to the final days. The excitement of it is not here yet. I am just trying to organize and make sure that I have everything.
    To go to HI & see Mom WILL open up new doors for understanding and love. I just know it.
    I am glad that you enjoyed these shots. The sunset is one of my favs, too.

    Take care and see you soon. x

    Anne- Hi there! I can’t believe that the final days before departure are ticking. Yes, this was a decsion to go but I think that it was very correct. I am quite calm but have lots to do. I shall keep in touch. Take care and keep in touch. x

  4. I’m glad you will be traveling and (re)connecting with your loved ones! Expats need a taste from home once in a while.

    I had never realize Hawaii was so close (relatively speaking!) to California. I always pictured it lost in the middle of the Ocean!

  5. Hi Zhu
    Thank you for your good thoughts! I will be dealing with a mixed travel bag, it seems; happy and sad. But, that is life. Yes; expats have to touch home bas. Absolutely. If not family then going to the country and re-experiencing it for the pleasure.

    Yes; HI is only about 6 hrs from San Diego and about the same from LA or San Fran.
    A great way to shake jet lag going to HI from Eastern N America/ Europe, is to stopover a few days in Cali before heading to HI.

  6. Oh man……. I’ll send prayers and healing thoughts for the mom. And prayers for a safe journey for you–and for strength.
    It’s hard dealing in aging parent ‘stuff’. I had a go with my step mother following two sudden deaths of parents in my life. I preferred to deal with the aging. It gave me opportunities–it gave me a chance to heal and let healing happen. And I got to love her til G-d took her….not that it was ‘fun’, which I’m clear it wasn’t. But it was worth it.
    Grab the opportunity. It’s worth it. YOU’RE worth it.

    Safe journey, ma’am.
    And I’ll hold you and yours in prayer.

  7. Hi Mel,

    Thank you so very much, dear lady.
    Your comment shows that you have been there & back. I can only imagine your trauma having lost relatives so quickly and I think, tragically.

    The aging process is usally gradually, giving us time to adapt to all the changes. But, I tell you, even when illness is there, and you know all the facts, nothing prepares you for the loss.

    I am going to take advantage of the 2 days(short indeed, but I can’t do more for the moment). So, I’ll just have to make it quality time for each moment spent there.

    Thank you for your prayers. You take care also. I’ll still have time to hop by your blog.

  8. Just go for it Barbara and spread your wings and fly. It’s something you need to do, and as your mum is (hopefully) making good progress you will be the extra tonic which will lift her too on her road to recovery & your presence will bring a huge smile to her face.

    Just make sure you get some wonderful photos to share – oh yes, and have a great time too, storing up some sunshine & vitamin D!

    Bonne route,

    Joyce x

  9. Bonjour Joyce,

    Thank you so much, sweet lady. You can be sure that I will be taking advantage of these oppurtunities. A door has been opened in a sense and I must be there to step in and allow our family to connect. And yes, it will do Mom a world of good to be with me( and vice versa).

    I am sure that my Mom will sppreciate this visit, as short as it will be. It is quality that is important and not quantity that matters.

    You can be sure that there will be photos!! I cannot do otherwise when I take a trip!!

    I will be in touch xo

  10. Safe and happy travels, my friend. We will be thinking of you and sending good vibes your way as we each have our ‘November in the U.S.’ experiences!

    Take care and see you in Paris in the new year xoxoxoxox C and C

  11. Dear Carolyn & Clive,

    It is so great to hear from you! Thank you for your good wishes. I have had the blessings bestowed on me from all sides. I know that this trip will be good for me. I will also add my wishes for you both to have a wonderful Thanksgiving in the States!! Enjoy!

    We will ahve tales to swap in Paris and the New year!! I am looking forward to that.

    Wishing you all the best xoxox

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