The big gulp

Here I am back to my Paris burbs base. While I readjust to CET(Central European time) and await the home delivery of my delayed suitcase, I am having a good time catching up.

“Just how was this trip??”, you may ask.

San Diego was INCREDIBLE. It was my second trip back in more recent years( the last one in 2006). I had such an awesome reunion time with my cousins. We had great times together!

San Diego was as cool, fun and tasty as that first Marguerita that I sipped below. That was at my cousin Peg’s house:

I also squeezed in two days in Hawaii; As you may remember, I made the decision to add a stopover due to to my Mom’s health crisis. I am happy to say that she is stable and adjusting slowly to a new life. My very limited time in Hawaii was to share with Mom and my family. The only other stop was to sneak in a quick visit here:

My Dad rests in this big beautiful Veterans cemetery called the National Memorial cemetery of the Pacific or commonly called Punchbowl.

See you Monday to begin San Diego!!!

Warm greetings to all 🙂


15 thoughts on “The big gulp

  1. Barb, that’s just a wonderful trip! How nice that you got to see your mom. Maybe your dad is in the margarita punchbowl?

    Anyway, glad to hear that you had such a good time.

    1. Dedene- Hi neighbor! It’s nice to see you here. Dad would have frankly laughed about you asking if he was in the “Marguerita punchbowl”. Haaaaa!! He is resting in a gorgeous spot,indeed.

  2. *clapping and cheering*

    WELCOME BACK, BARB!!!!!!!! You’ve been missed!

    So glad to hear that your trip to San Diego was incredible and that your mom is stable and adjusting. I’m sure it made her feel so wonderful that you were there.

    WOW that margarita looked yummy!

    Beautiful shot of the National Memorial cemetery. That sky is breathtaking!

    Looking forward to reading and hearing more about your trip.

    Hope all went smooth with getting your suitcase.

    (((( Barb ))))

    Talk to ya soon, my friend!

    1. Thank you, sweetie 🙂

      As much as a trip is outstanding, it is special to return home. I have to have a mix of both exploring and coming back home.
      Thank you; Mom is adjusting well considering the stress she had and still has to talk and move. She’s a tought cookie…

      I am sure that you would have loved my cousin’s Margueritas. It was very yummy!!

      Punchbowl was the only place that I went of outside the Care home and eating places at night. It is a moving experience for all.

      See you very soon and big hugs back xo

    1. Hi Bijoux,

      Many Thanks!
      I will be gladly sharing some of my experiences about a few remarkable sites.San Diego is an incredible place to visit.
      Joyeux Noël back to you if I miss ya before the holidays. Do come back soon!

  3. Bonjour Anne!!

    It was wonderful, Thank you! Yes: a good point to bring up the suitcase. I have it since 1:30 this afternoon. Can you imagine; this pthe particular company(US) delivers bagage to one’s home/hotel hat was late or missing. Thumbs up; it saves me an hour’s train ride up and another hour down.

    Big hugs to you,dear xo

  4. Welcome home traveller! Sounds like it was a highly successful trip and am so glad to hear your mum is making good progress – all so worthwhile to have gone, and lovely that you included your dad in this trip too, and shared it. Gone maybe, but never forgotten and so right to go and say hi to him too in your own way.

    Joyce x

    1. Hello Joyce,

      It is great to have you here. Yes, I had a successful trip. As trips go, this one had a very personal feeling as I connected to my cousins,Mother, and sister. It was a time to bond and enjoy our presence.

      How could I forget Dad? May we never forget because those who are gone are in us.

      Hugs to you and Barry xx

  5. I’m glad to see you’re back home (because France is home!) and that you had a great time. Hope your little family visit made everything better. I’m sure you mum was glad to see you and appreciated you coming.

    1. Salut Zhu,

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, so right, France is home base even if my cultural identity remains in the USA. Strange creatures we expats are! Oh yes; my family visit gave me hope and strenght. All is fine. My Mom is adjusting to life after her medical emergency and I think will be fine. Thanks for your kind thoughts.


  6. Hi Barbara,

    Glad to read the news about your mom and that you had the chance to go see here. I am also happy you had a great time in San Diego with your relatives, too! I know you have been looking forward to that trip for a very long time! Looking forward to seeing your pictures..

    1. Hi Leesa,

      Many thanks for your kind thoughts.
      Everything went for the best. My Mom had a pick up seeing me and it did well for all of us. I also bonded with my cousins again and had a great time.

      Please return and enjoy the photos to come.

      Best wishes to you and Alex.

  7. Wow….what a solemn and beautiful place of rest for your father. *sad sigh* That’s a tough one–but I hope it brought you a sense of peace.

    And I’m glad for your visit with your mother. Equally glad that she’s adjusting and that she’s healing. Sounds like you’re glad the visit happened.

    Welcome back from warmth and sunshine! *laughing*

    It was -2F here the other morning. I’m sure your home is warmer than that! 😉

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