A close encounter

I took this macro shot in my cousin Peg’s garden, in the suburbs of San Diego:

Click on the pic to see this dude a little closer. It was my best macro shot of the trip!


15 thoughts on “A close encounter

    1. Hi Bijoux,

      You are right; bees are seriously becoming threatened. Here in France, the intensive use of pesticides has killed many off,too. It’s sad and of course, alarming.

    1. Hi Mel,
      Thank you! I tried my best to take nature’s gift as it was being offered.
      Thanks also about the template but, all credit(except the choice) goes to WordPress. A lot of freaking beautiful stuff in their for bloggers to use for free.

  1. Hi Barbara – just catching up with you! Love the new format/look for your blog – excellent. Also much appreciate the SUNSHINE in your pictures as I sit here looking out on ice and snow! And that lovely bee on a robustly reddish pink rose is another tonic!

    Joyce x

    1. Hello Joyce!

      How very nice to have you here. Thank you for the positive feedback for the blog header & format. It was one of the selection earmarked for photographs.
      Sharing the beautiful sunshine is what I will be doing throughout the installments. It is also cold outside of Paris(4or 5 ° C) but that is very normal for the season.

      May my cousin Peg know it; her garden is a beautiful place. Even little bees enjoy it. And I am glad that you did too, Joyce.
      xo and holiday greetings to you and your hubby.

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