Garden fresh

These are just a few free shots taken once more in my cousin Peg’s garden:

I’m sending lots of love down towards Peg n’ boys’ way xo.


4 thoughts on “Garden fresh

    1. Well, you actually could have on some of the days I was there. I had some beautiful days, but, it got chilly in the last days(well, 50° something is chilly for them).

  1. Awwwww……I adore the ‘sunbathing’ sign. And the colour of that rose….ohmygosh…. It musta been a good time, just hangin’ out in that garden.

    1. I agree; Peg’s sign is very cute :).
      That was a lovely shade of pink. I think that the heat would be really brutal for the roses in summer. You would have loved to see; still a few beauties were out there late Nov-early Dec(while all ours are already dormant!).

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