OB(Ocean beach)

Just a few views in and around a beach town named Ocean Beach. This was my only outing along the beach during this trip. But, we had a beautiful day of sunshine,antiquing and cruising downtown:

OB Pier.

Newport avenue in downtown OB; that is where my cousins and I went to browse in the antique shops.

Striking visual display at a French themed antique shop.

A colorful part of a mural celebrating “Dog beach”, which is a stretch of beach at Ocean beach that is open to dogs.


8 thoughts on “OB(Ocean beach)

  1. Actually, it looks very warm. *laughing* A far cry from the 27 degree days we’ve ….enjoyed?

    How beautiful is that view. And what a fun mural just for the puppies! Okay, for the puppies, humans and the general public! Oh, I soooooo need a walk on the pier. Any pier! k…any pier that’s not sitting in frozen waters……LOL

    1. Mel,

      It was a far cry from the 27° of your home; I believe that it was in the 60’s, probably more in the sunny spots.You, He and your camera would love OB and San Diego in winter! No frozen pier there. 🙂

  2. Barb, these photos are absolutely STUNNING!

    The color is spectacular!

    I especially love the second photo down. The texture of the rocks is amazing!



    1. Hey there,dude.

      Thanks! Talk about color and sunshine; it was a fabulous day out with my favorite gals 🙂
      Isn’t that rock something? Yes, it has folds and a hole in the middle carved by the waves.

      Your enthusiasm is always welcomed 🙂 x

    1. I wish that all my friends could have experienced San Diego. I did have some grey/ chilly days but, the sun always returns quickly here. Nothing better than the sun in winter 🙂

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