The fabulous 50’s at OB

This was one of the more outstanding stands seen at a large OB antique shop. The stand is entirely  50’s era themed and it is the favorite of my 3 cousins! It’s easy to guess why; this is a happy reminder of their childhood years.

You would think that you stepped into some lady’s boudoir in the 50’s… It was so beautifully set.


4 thoughts on “The fabulous 50’s at OB

  1. That turquoise is a real show stopper. I am sure that my cousin Kathy could tell you about the type of service and what period it is from. She is our antiques specialist in our family 🙂

  2. Oh, look at those lovely old egg beaters. And that top photo with the wedding photo–wonderful…..

    Yup–it’s like a blast from the past. Geeze, so many of these things I grew up around. Like the wall thermometer–and the corningware with blue snowflakes on ’em. LOL I think I might have one of those in the cupboards. The really high ones–the ones that hold stuff that I rarely if EVER use! 😉

    1. Mel,
      Now you know why my (girl) cousins are really in love with this antique stand; it is TOTAL nostalgia for them!! It was a BLAST! I had to capture the feeling…
      I guarantee that if you came to this place, you would be jumping up and down like a kid. You seem to already recognize a few favorites 😉

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