The ghosts of Christmas past

Each time that I go back to San Diego, I try and touch some of my family’s roots. My cousins have many memories of the stucco and red tiled roof home in the photo below. It was the place that our grandparents and their two children called home:

I had already known that the family home had been pulled down years after our grandmother’s passing, in order to build something more modern. But, I had never seen what became of the house until recently:

It was no wonder that we would point out these vintage houses when we would go through town. My cousins and I dubbed them “Nan Nan houses”, refering to our Grandmother who was known as Nan Nan. Two examples of these old fashioned homes:

7 thoughts on “The ghosts of Christmas past

    1. Bijoux- Yay to ya! How I would have LOVED to do a pilgrimage to our grandparents old home.
      Sigh; that won’t ever happen and there’s nothing anyone can do.
      You are so right; stucco & red roof tiles scream out vintage SD!

  1. No surprise–I prefer the stucco and tiled roofs.
    There’s whole communities in places where that’s the required roofing so everyone looks pretty together. *laughing* There oughta be if there isn’t!

    What a wonderful vintage photo……

    1. One more point for stucco & red roofs 🙂
      I would like to have seen more Nan Nan homes but, condos are winning that game. Lots of condos all over San Diego county.
      Thanks for the kind words on the vintage book; it’s out of the fam’s “treasure chest ” of images.

  2. What a faaaaaaaaaabulous vintage shot of your grandmothers home!!!

    And it’s amazing to see the ‘then’ versus the ‘now’ shot of her home.

    I much prefer the ‘then.’

    Btw, San Diego looks stunning!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. Enjoyed!


  3. Hi Ronnie,
    Thanks, honey 🙂 The two older axes of our family were San Doego and before,Philly. And, that is an authentic shot of our grandparent’s old stucco & red roof place.
    It is sad that we can’t come back and admire it today. But, what can you do? i also prefer back then…

    SD is a stunning. More shots are a comin’

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