A day trip in Julian, CA

This was a memorable day trip that took a better part of the day for the drive up to the mountains.

Julian is located 60 miles Northeast of San Diego. To have strolled through Julian was a treat. It is like stepping back into time, just by walking through it’s main street. This town was founded in 1845 and had it’s gold rush after 1869. There still exists a gold mine that visitors can tour( we didn’t go there).

Julian is also very famous for it’s apples(there is it’s Apple festival every Autumn) and it’s pies. The yummiest apple and fruit pies. I know, I ate a piece 🙂

Enjoy the views taken in/around Main street, Julian:

Main street!

So many stores, so little time…

You can choose between:

Traditional horsepower( Yes, that is a pony!) There were also carriages with larger horses.


Mechanical steel horse power!

The red barn look, complete with white picket fence.

Funny sign.

Pistols and petticoats in the afternoon sun 🙂

A Photographic P.S, to show you how the famous Julian pies look like. My cousins brought home two of them to share:

If I remember well they were a berry apple and caramel apple flavors :).


6 thoughts on “A day trip in Julian, CA

    1. Bijoux,
      This was a blast! I can only imagine going through the old mine 🙂
      A red barn just says “country” like nothing else. Being in other architectures & environements, seeing traditional “Americana” style structures is a blast for me.

  1. Oh WOW…what a cool-looking town, Barb!

    It’s like stepping back in time!

    I love how in these photos you PUMPED up the accent color, red! VERY nice!

    I also like the black and white photo because it gives a sense of vintage.

    Those two Julian pies look absolutely delish! Yummy!


    1. Hey Ronnie,

      This is a very nice place to stop over when in San Diego. It is very well preserved and I imagine that everything is done to keep the 19th century style. The red barn was actually already very red for real, but I did “pump it” a bit more, because the abundant sunshine of the day ate into the clarity of the color. I really like the b&w, too 🙂

      Did I say the word “delish”? I only had a slice of the caramel apple pie but, boy, too yummy!!
      No calorie counting is possible when you bite into a slice of these…

  2. *laughing* I love that sign!

    And that city block of downtown…….ummm….I think that’s longer than ours. LOL
    And I can JUST see that ‘Inspirations’ come after Pistols and Petticoats. LOLOL How appropriate is that?! 😉

  3. Mel,
    I saw the scene with the storefronts,people and that Western look. Mummm… that cried out for a b&w look.I took to the P&P sign right away; every gal’s fantasy I guess, to dress up with thse frilly petticoats and sneek in a pistol underneath 😉 True; the sign might not be super politically appropriate today but in the 19th century it was…

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