Fort Rosecrans National cemetery

We are now at Fort Rosecrans National cemetery, located on scenic Point Loma.
This cemetery has a very special meaning for my cousins and I. Each time I go back to San Diego, we go to pay our respects to not only our grandparents but also the parents of my cousin Bill’s wife.

There couldn’t have been a more beautiful spot for a final resting place. The whole cemetery  looks over the Pacific ocean.

Enjoy and quietly refelect:

Main entrance.

A California registered landmark marker that tells a brief history of the cemetery.

A Spanish-American war veteran and his slightly different gravestone design.

Reflections on eternity overlooking the blue Pacific ocean.

On one side of the cemetery is an obelisk marker. This is the U.S.S. Bennington monument. The boiler of this vessel exploded in the harbor on 21 July,1905, killing around 60 men.


6 thoughts on “Fort Rosecrans National cemetery

  1. BEAUTIFUL photos, Barb!
    And yes, I could actually FEEL the peace and serenity within these images.
    Especially enjoyed the Reflections on eternity overlooking the blue Pacific ocean.
    STUNNING view!

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend!
    Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy New Year!!
    I look forward to sharing 2012 with you!

    1. Hi there Ronnie,
      Thanks, buddy! This is a very special place. Even for someone that has no family buried here, the keywords are like you said “peace” and “serenity”. I could take very long walks through here each time.
      You are always welcome, my friend.
      Happy new year to you also and yes, I am looking forward to sharing more with ya too, in 2012;

    1. Hi Bijoux,

      It truly is a beautiful spot and I feel honored for all these Vets(including those in our family), that they have such a beautiful final resting place.
      Wishing you peace and joy in 2012? Bijoux.

  2. Yes, I got behind–but in playing catch-up I wanted to tell you that I’ve been here and was totally emotional from the feel of the place and the honourable way it’s constructed. Still makes me choked up and weepy–

    1. Hi Mel,

      It is extremely moving to be there. Already, when you have people buried there, there is emotion. But, just strolling through rows and rows of white marble graves is a huge tear jerker.
      I am here today and you all gave something for our country. In my Grandfather’s case, he was a career Navy man who served his country with pride.

      May we never forget.

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