Rocking and rolling up to Mount Helix

How could I not remember my expedition up to Mount Helix? Alongside Cousins Patti(Cali girl turned Minnesotan) and Kathy, bopping to rock music all the while zigging and zagging up the top of a mountain peak. Live wires, aren’t we? 🙂

Here is three different views from on top of the peak:

Looking across to another mountain peak and valley(I still have to research the other mountain’s name).

Looking down on urban sprawl and towards the Pacific ocean.

More fancy homes.

Mount Helix is special to my cousins because their childhood home was in this neighborhood.

Just for the anecdote, the name Helix refers not to a person but to a… snail! In 1872, a Helix aspersa was found living in the area. This gave the idea to  Rufus King Porter (the founder of nearby Spring valley), to name this mountain, Mount Helix.


6 thoughts on “Rocking and rolling up to Mount Helix

  1. Stunning shots, Barb!

    OMG….that second one of the urban sprawl and towards the Pacific ocean is breathtaking!

    You GO, girl!

    I’ve only spent a brief time on the west coast, but long enough to appreciate it’s awesome beauty!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend!


  2. Ronnie,
    My sincere Thanks. It was a treat being on Mount Helix and enjoying the panorama.
    San Diego extends way out in areas that were previously just dry wasteland. It was interesting to drive through upper SD past Escondido, looking at neighborhoods that are way out in the “boonies”, on winding roads bordered by mountains!
    Yes, SD is gorgeous. I am glad if you and all the readers could appreciate some of the beauty there through my posts.
    Enjoy your time off! xo

  3. I love the last photo with the house. How fabulous it must be to live in an area like that!!!! I love the west, if you didn’t know!!!! And I think cacti are soooo neat! I love the different blooms they sometimes have.

    1. Hi Bijoux,
      I didn’t have much of a chance to photograph the homes on the way up but, there are some beauties! I think that you would love SD. You can even go to the desert outside SD and see the
      flowering of the cactus in the spring. The place is called: Anza Borrego state park and the cacti bloom from March-May. Another SD place in my bucket!

  4. I’ve enjoyed it from afar–but I’ve never been to the top. OMGosh how awesome is that?!

    Gorgeous–and so well worth the drive.
    I’ll take that trip next time!!

    1. Hi Mel,

      It is very beautiful up there 🙂 It is worth the drive. I can only imagine the sunrises and sunsets… I have heard about the Easter morning sunrise mass on top of Mount Helix. It must be very moving…
      You do that; go out to SD in the future and have a fun vacation!!

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