Bright and beautiful

Just a few free shots around cousin Bill & Jo’s home:

The upper part of a hummingbird mobile. My hubby & I so fondly remember seeing the hummingbirds come and feed in the garden. How sweet they were   🙂 .

Introducing the girls, my cousin’s pet chickens (and official suppliers of fresh egg products).

The neighbor’s oranges peeking through the fence. Oranges in early December!

Yes, home is where your heart is.


4 thoughts on “Bright and beautiful

  1. I adore hummingbirds! We get one species here in the summer. They amaze me! I could watch them for hours, but alas, they only stay for about 10 seconds!

    1. Hi Bijoux,
      Photographing birds and .hummingbirds is a big task! You need a shalter,lots of sweet bait in the feeders,loads of time and luck!! It is already wonderful to watch the hummingbirds zoom in and out. For the very short time that they stop!

  2. MORE gorgeous shots!!!!!

    I love how the color orange POPS in the photo of the orange tree! It instantly reminded me of my time living in Florida, where we had our own orange tree in the back yard. There’s nothing like freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning!

    That last photo is so SWEET!


    1. Hi Ron,
      Thank you! I wanted to concentrate on the little things and it is often the little things that make a house a home. I swear, that branch of oranges was heavy with fruit and just so lazily leaning over the fence!! I can imagine that you enjoyed fresh oranges in FL! What a treat!
      It is always nice of you to stop over my blog house. Happy Sunday!

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