A Saturday sticky note

Hi friends,

The news of late in France has seen the famous Joan of Arc in the titles. The 600th birthday anniversary of Joan’s birth was this week (or an aprroximation of it; she is said as being born towards 1412). I had done posts in 2010 about Joan of Arc and our visit to Chinon. Amazingly, “Joan of Arc in Chinon” was one of the most viewed posts on this blog(at the moment that I type,there have been 947 views of this post).
If you have never read my posts about Joan of Arc, click on:

Happy weekend!!


4 thoughts on “A Saturday sticky note

  1. I love all that historical stuff. Amazing to me that so many buildings from that time period are even standing (considering wars and the weather elements).

    1. Hi Bijoux,
      When I travel, I often pop into one or more important places for the History of a city/region.
      In France, all the buildings that are declared historical monuments are in general kept up very closely. Many times, buildings have already undergone major renovations in the past but, it is a very good thing to have them with us in the 2Ist century.

  2. WOW….947 views!

    That’s fabulous, Barb! And yes, I do remember reading BOTH these posts and REALLY enjoying them!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! I spent today hanging out with a friend of mine, who we haven’t seen each other in over a month because we’ve both been so busy with the holidays. She just moved into a new apartment over by the art museum area in Philly. What an AWESOME view she has from her balcony!

    Have a super Sunday, dear friend…..XO

    1. Hey there Ronnie,
      How are ya doing? I was sure that you read these posts. But, there have been several new faces since this tIme. It is sometimes interesting to break out archived posts and show them to the newer readers. It was amazing to see the number of hits to just one of these posts!!

      Oh my goodness; your friend’s apartment near the Philadelphia museum of art must have one of these million dollar views. I wouldn’t mind seeing that when I wake up! It’s nice of you to go and see friends now that you are on vacation.

      Happy Sunday to ya, dude! xo

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