Paris is for (art) lovers

This was my last photo shoot of 2011 at the Rodin museum in Paris.

Sometimes I like to go and tour a museum. Even if I am not an artsy blogger, I do like to appreciate art. The Rodin museum was the winning ticket on a chilly and drizzly December day. I took in the ambiance as I went through the gardens:

A cute couple hugging each other while they admire a sculpture in the garden.

What stirred up that couple so much? The huge sculpture below:

Presenting “la Porte de l’Enfer/ The gates of Hell”. It is depicting a scene from the Inferno, from Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.

A person under an umbrella admiring “Les Bourgeois de Calais/ The Burghers of Calais”.

Just a footnote of this statue; there are 12 other cast iron versions of the Burghers in various countries around the world ( such as South Korea, USA or Denmark).

Other figures strike their pose with the gilded dome of Les Invalides in the background.

I will present you a few masterpieces from inside the museum this week.  See you soon!

8 thoughts on “Paris is for (art) lovers

  1. Hi Barbara – you’ve just showed me a new place to visit in Paris and that’s wonderful! I didn’t know about this sculpture park – and I love the work of Rodin. I used his chart as an example in my book “Aspect Patterns in Colour”, and did some research into his life and work. It’s amazing how his (at the time controversial) style is reflected in his chart. Wondeful powerful stuff which you’ve shown so well in these shots. Thank you!

    Joyce x 🙂

    1. HI Joyce,
      I am so glad if I could whisper to you a nice place in Paris to visit. I enjoyed inside the museum but I think that I have had a serious crush on this park 🙂
      How wonderful about you already studying Rodin’s birth theme. I am more than sure that the art echoes his character. I can also imagine the “stir” back then, depicting the human body as he did. Mon Dieu!

      You are very welcome, my dear x

    1. Hi Bijoux,
      You are right; the play between vegetal and metal sculpture is wonderful.
      Note to myself: come back when the roses are blooming 😉
      Thanks for stopping by today!

  2. Faaaaaaaaaaaaabulous photo captures, Barb!

    Three LOUD cheers!!!

    LOVE how you capture the FEEL of the couple in the first photo!

    And the person sitting under the umbrella is awesome!

    Seeing these photos reminded me of our Rodin Museum here in Philly. In fact, that door shot (second photo) is identical to the museum here.

    Thanks so much for sharing, dear friend.

    LOVED this! Have a MARVI Monday!

    (((( Barb )))))


  3. Hey there buddy,
    Thank you. You are very welcome. I loved the two spontaneous garden shots. My style is evolving and taking pictures of people who are just in spontaneous pose attracts me. It is even more interesting than the artwork itself at times!
    Of course, a special thought for the Rodin museum in Philly 🙂
    You are very welcome, Ron ((((Ron)))).
    Have a great Monday!

  4. Whoa. Upon further inspection, I’d like to not go through those doors. :-/

    Oh, but the captures of the couple and of the umbrella are too cool. And wandering around outside with all that art to look at is an amazing thing to have available to you.
    We have corn and cows. LOL

  5. Hi Mel,
    I would be thinking that most of us would pass on the tour beyond the door 🙂
    Can you just imagine that watching the people who watch the statues was,err; a trip. i enjoyed both sights!
    Thank you for your king words, dear lady. And let it be known if I am towards Mel’s way, I ain’t against stopping by admiring the cows. Beauty is everywhere…

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