A peek into the Rodin museum

This is just a tidbit to feature Auguste Rodin’s sculptures that we saw in the Rodin museum. I had viewed sculptures but, there are also many other art forms such as drawings, paintings, photography and so on.

The museum had a brisk visit day the afternoon of our visit and I had a hard time isolating the works. Many people were around the statues and that always makes it hard to photograph. Well, we try…

Here are a couple that impressed me:

The young girl in a straw hat.

The Cathedral:

The Kiss. Very famous and very adulated!

(Whew; you can catch your breath now 🙂 ).

A very life-like sculpture called: Jean d’Aire nu or nude of Jean d’Aire. I have no idea who he is.

Close up of the head of the previous statue.

And probably the most famous one, the Thinker:

An aerial shot to cut out the groups below his pedestal. Yes, you have to get your picture next to the Thinker…

Early evening falls on the golden dome of les Invalides

Hoping that you enjoyed! If you are curious you can try the museum’s website in English: http://www.musee-rodin.fr/en

See you on Friday for something special that is under wraps until then….

10 thoughts on “A peek into the Rodin museum

  1. Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this, Barb. I doubt I’ll ever make it to Europe, so this has been a real treat. I love ‘The Kiss.’ A simple concept, yet so full of life. I’m sure seeing it in person is incredible. I can actually feel myself being part of that sculpture! And I had no idea ‘The Thinker’ was outdoors! I would think that there would be concern about the elements. Incredible to see these!

    1. Hi Bijoux,
      I am happy if you enjoyed the trip :). I know very well that there are places that I will never visit, either. The museum was as interesting to see through the pieces of art as well as the reactions of the peoplethe people. Some statues were hardly winked at while others had small crowds around them(like the Kiss).
      If I remember, there was another version of the Thinker indoors, but, I believe that is the main version outside. It looked like it was holding up well!

  2. I hadn’t seen the girl in the straw hat before. I couldn’t stop looking at her face, young, thoughtful, sensitive and slightly worried. So many emotions portrayed there which I imagine depend on the mood of the observer. Amazing.

    1. Hi Valerie,
      The girl in the straw hat drew quite a small crowd. You are right Valerie, lots of interest for this girl at the museum.. Her face is so real, and her yeyes seem to grab you. People seemed to relate to her as there was much camera action around her 🙂

  3. Beautiful captures, Barb!

    LOVE the hands (the cathedral), it’s stunning!

    Ah, yes….The Kiss….bellissima!

    And of course….The Thinker! Reminds me of the one here in Philly!

    Thanks so much for sharing, dear friend. You make me wanna take a tour through our Rodin. And I may just do that this month!

    Happy Wednesday!


    1. Hey there Ronnie,

      I am so glad if you enjoyed the stroll. It was a museum that required a more quiet time(if that could be found there), to examine the scumptures leisurely. I really liked those that I represented for various reasons. Maybe the first is the humanity about them.
      Hoping that you find a moment to strolll in the Rodin museum in Philly. That is a must see for us,one of these days!

      Take care xo

  4. Go figure I was taken aback by the dome. Wow…….How ornate is that!

    How relaxing to just have a wander about. I guess the traffic of people should be anticipated with the popularity of the work–hopefully they were accommodating for the photos. 😉

    Yup–I think I’d prefer to wander about gardens with the works outside. The changing light would make the statues everchanging.

    1. Hi Mel,

      Isn’t the dome a beauty? The sky and the stark braches framed it very nicely. I have to visit inside there one day. It is called les Invalides and Emperor Napoleon the first rests there under the dome.
      i love to do an occasional museum. It is hard when waves of people come keep on coming. I just took my time and made sure that I didn’t get in the way of someone else’s pictures. Taking turns 🙂
      I do prefer the gardens and would like to come back in the Spring when the roses bloom. Yay!!

  5. Hi Joyce,
    Goodness; this is like being in a candy store! I do hope that you make it to Paree and get to stroll around this beautiful museum. I had a “coup de coeur” or a crush on the statue garden. It has a lot of class.
    Take care x .

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