The 20/20 photo giveaway

To have 20/20 vision is to have perfect eyesight .
It is when focus, perspective and color combine to produce a marvelous visual product.

In Photography, you have a 20/20 vision of what you photograph when everything around you is combined to make that magical shot.

This is the vision that I will be celebrating with a contest! This is my first ever photo contest and I named it the 20/20 photo giveaway !

This contest is not only a chance to celebrate photography, but also to reward you, my friends and readers. I will be rewarding your participation and also allowing for new friends to participate.


Two (2) lucky winners will win a paper reproduction of one of the eight following photographs. I combed through my blog archives to find some of the highlights of this blog since 2009 .

You will find the pictures displayed after the rules .



All you need to do is to comment( one(1) comment per blog address/ e-mail address) on this or any post running from 20 January,2012 to 20 February, 2012. One entry per blog/ or  e-mail address, if you do not own a blog).

Let me know that you are human by expressing your thoughts and feelings! No dumb spammer e- mails accepted as entries.

I will give each commenter a number which will be used for the drawing. I will just give numbers in chronological order of the comments.

2- Drawing

The prize winners will be drawn using a RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR, and the proof of each drawing will be shown. I will draw the lucky winners on 21 February, 2012!

The winners will be rapidly posted on the blog the 22 February,2012.

3- Prizes

Each winner will receive at their postal address, a quality( from a major name in photo publishing) 8x 10 inch paper reproduction of their favorite picture. No full names or postal addresses of the winners will be published on this blog.

And please, do pass on the news to your friends and relations, too. The more participants play, the merrier it to do a drawing.

Thanks for your continuing interest in my blog and good luck to all!!

These are the eight photos that are up for grabs. They are in no particular order and include their links to the post where each was first presented. The winners will receive their photographs without a watermark.

1  -Post dated  January 11, 2012- San Diego,CA, USA. Link:

Sun star:

2 – Post dated December 16, 2011- San Diego,CA, USA. Link:

Bee happy:

3 – Post dated April 12, 2011- Ecouen, France (the Renaissance museum of Ecouen). Link:

Gold and diamonds:

4 -Post dated  November 27, 2009- Amiens, France.  Link:

Green with envy:

5 – Post dated  January 19, 2010- Honolulu, HI, USA. Link:

Blue Hawaii:

6 –  Post dated November 4, 2009- Link:

Flying over the Pacific ocean from Hawaii to San Diego.


7 – Post dated – 2 October, 2010- Amiens, France. Link: Link:
A higher calling:

8- Post dated –  July 27 ,2010- Philadelphia,PA,USA.  Link:

All roads lead to Philly:

Good luck!!


15 thoughts on “The 20/20 photo giveaway

    1. Hello Valerie,
      The contest begins with you! Thank you for your encouragement. We shall see how it goes.
      That is now noted for “Green with envy’… Your number is now officially noted below. Welcome:

      (COMMENTER N° 1)

  1. Ohhhhh……pretties!

    What a lovely idea. And I do hope for an abundance of participants.

    *laughing* Don’t make me pick! They’re all nice photos. 🙂

    1. Hi Mel,
      Thanks for your friendly encouragement! I think with a little bit of “PR”, I can get more peeps in this party :)Don’t ya take your statement for granted; what if the number generator picks the number 2??
      Yes; big decision 🙂 See you soon!

      (COMMENTER N° 2)


    You GO, girl!

    EveryONE of these photos are stellar!

    Yet, my eye goes especially to ‘Bee Happy’ and ‘A Higher Calling’ – love color and clarity in one, and the black and white in the other!

    Again, great idea, my friend! Can’t wait to see who wins!!!!!

    Have a faaaaaaabulous weekend!



    1. Hey there Ronnie,

      I kept this one under wraps for a few weeks. Neat surprise, huh?!!
      I am glad that you enjoy the idea. You are in the drawing too!

      That seemed pretty evident that a b&w would be calling you. I had my “Gothic Moods” pic that I could not find on DVD; a beauty but, without as much perspective as this one. Now, you can look at both and if fate has it, you may admire one of them on your wall.

      Thanks again, dear ! xox

      (COMMENTENTER Number 4)

  3. Hi Dave,
    Thank you for participating. You see that I just scratched the surface with b&w work. I like it on old buildings for instance. It was a natural for that heavy iron grating over the window.
    Have a great day and I hope to see you again.


  4. You brilliant creative thing you!! What a great idea! I love the bee, but when I scrolled down & saw that b/w angle on the rose window in Amiens cathedral I thought “Yes”, as I was there with you when you took it!!

    Hey, this is fun…!

    Joyce 🙂

    1. HI Joyce,
      Thank you; you are gong to make me blush like à schoolgirl 🙂
      Lets say that I was fiddling with ideas in my head and this one was created. Contests looked very fun on other blogs so I said “why not?!”.
      What a sentimental lady you are to choose the b&w taken at the Cathdral at Amiens. Yes, you were there!!

      Hugs x.
      (COMMENTER Number 6)

  5. Bonjour Karin,
    Thanks very much if you would like to let your friends/blogging connevtions know about this giveaway. There is still lots of time to enter! I previously went on the wp forum to announce this but, errrh… little interest. What can I say?
    Once again, my heartfelt Thanks! Don’t forget you entered by commenting so, I can say:
    Hugs to:
    (COMMENTER N° 8; Number 7 being Carolyn on the following post)

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