Mononchrome moments in the park

Here are some experiences in monochrome photography. I took these as I went through our regional park yesterday.  In the region where I live (I am in the Paris suburbs), there is a park that is called “Parc de Sceaux”. It is a big and beautiful park that is well-known by many Parisians and residents of the neighboring suburbs.

Armed with the Nikon, double layers of clothing( France has had bitterly cold weather since last week) and a healthy dose of  courage, I went out to the park. Well, it wasn’t as bad as the days when  the windchill factor left us all with chattering teeth. Yesterday was a breeze; the sun was up and it brought out the best in the winter scenes:

The lay of the land… a part of the canals at the park that are frozen stiff. This is the only non-monochrome picture. I liked the contrast of color of the grass against the icy parts.

Shadows and vegetal debris on the ice. The sign translates ” Access to the ice is forbidden”. Don’t worry about me…

Talking my quote from Mr T ” Pity the fool!!”.

I loved the play of the shadows of the poplars with the ice on the canal. Click on the picture to get more depth.

More frozen water on a pond.

Reflexions .

A lonely row of trees and benches.

I enjoyed my photographic moments at the park 🙂

I have NOT forgotten that 20 February will be the day that I draw two winners for my photo giveaway. Everyone thar leaves a comment on this blog until 19 FEB will be eligible to win a paper reproduction of one of eight selected photos. Please go to this post to learn more:

We are at 9 participants. Come on guys, give it a try. It’s free and fun :)).

Happy weekend to all.


20 thoughts on “Mononchrome moments in the park

    1. Hi Valerie,
      Thank you. It was indeed a rare oppurtunity. I may have seen the canal frozen to this point very few times. It is nice to bundle up and get creative behind the lens 🙂

  1. Pity the fool, indeed! Oh my gosh…..someone walked out on the ice with the birdie. LOL Okay, undoubtedly different times, but it still makes for an awesome photo–as do the rest.

    I keep threatening to go to black and white on some of my adventures–I’m yet to do that.
    Ah. Maybe an excuse for an adventure today! Sure beat vacuuming! LOL

    1. Hey there Mel,
      How are ya doing?
      I was more than surprised to find “footyprints, not to mention birdy prints. It made for a very good catch, as the rest.
      Dare to go the b & w route. It takes courage to change habits! 🙂
      All the best to you 😉

  2. Barb, these photos are absolutely stunning!

    WOW….I especially enjoyed the one of the frozen water on the pond….WOW!

    Also, the one of the shadows of the poplars with the ice on the canal. Just, lovely!

    Well done, on ALL these photos!

    And I’m so happy to hear that you finally got some snow. Actually, it’s snowing here today. Just a little, but it’s snow! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    Have a super Saturday, my friend!


    1. Hey there Ron,
      How are you doing, my friend?
      I got very inspired by all that I saw. I came back home and previewed the pics and was on the whole, feeling good about my captures. Yes, we got snow for a whole day but, the temps were Siberian!
      Thank you for your encouragement. I had the inspiration,here.
      Big hugs back to ya, buddy X
      P.S. I would love to photograph Philly under the snow one day. 🙂

    1. Salut Zhu,
      It is nice to have you back here! I have followed your travel pics through Central America and have seen through you so many interesting things.
      I am glad that you enjoyed these pics. You are so correct for the symmetry of French parks. I believe that the landscaper Le Notre set the style at Versailles and this has been very largely followed.
      (COMMENTER N° 10 in Photo giveaway).

    1. Hi Anne,
      What a pleasure to see you here! How are you doing, my dear? Come on in anytime.
      It was cold but, without that Siberian wind that was absolutely freezing! It was bearable and I was happy to be courageous and venture out.
      The parc de Sceaux is always a fab walk. I know that you enjoy it, too.
      Take care xo
      (COMMENTER N° 11 in photo giveaway).

  3. Hi Jen,
    Thanks for stopping by! It was a pleasure chatting on the phone. Thank you; I enjoyed it.
    I am glad that you enjoyed the shot of the poplar’s shadows on the canal. That was calling me as I passed!
    xox back to ya!

  4. Hi Barbara,

    The 2 shots with the lines of trees do it for me – well done! They are superb & work so well in b/w. Loved ’em!

    I thought you’d also be shivering under this huge swathe of cold. I’ve been in Paris when it’s been -5 by day almost every day – fabulous when the sun shines & everything sparkles, but those hot chocs & soupe a l’oignon are so welcome!!

    Joyce x

    1. Bonjour Joyce,

      I am happy that you enjoyed these, my dear. The bare trees inspired me a lot that day; they seemed to be speaking to me as I strolled through them on the nearly empty paths. Black and white was perfect here. Thank you for your encouragement.
      We seem to be heating up a bit after that cold snap. But as you have shown with your courage to be out in -5 ° weather, when the sun is out, it makes it so much better. Just get bundled up,walk briskly and drink plenty of chocolat chaud or café! A good soupe a l’oignon is great too for when you need some energy!

  5. Hi Michael & Lariisa,
    A lot of things in life are pretty relative, I think. What style of photography looks cool on a winter day in Europe, might make you feel overwhelming amidst industrialized areas. Even here, we have to breathe all the junk belched out of factories and cars.
    Lucky us when we can find our little pardises here and there through travel 🙂

    Happy trails, friends.

  6. These are so great like I already told you last week. I love the black and white, Keep snapping away, it’s nice to see things through your eyes. We’ll have to go on a lotus flower shoot when the weather warms up. Big hugs and see you soon

  7. Bonjour Brigitte,
    Congrats, honey; you squeeked your way into being the last participant of the photo giveaway 🙂
    Thanks so much for your heartfelt comments. I am happy if these photos brought you some moments of beauty.
    No lotus flowers this time but, I am sure that there are some tucked away in some park. Search for the beauty and it will find you.
    (Commenter N° 13 in photo giveaway).

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