Drawing- 20/20 photo giveaway

The drawing is officially over! I am keeping some of the suspense 🙂

Please go over to the public records page of the website that drew the numbers:  http://www.random.org/draws/records/

What do you do next?

– Click on the 20/20 photo giveaway.

– On the new page, enter the words in the box, then fill in your e-mail address. Voilà! If there are any problems, I will be back in the afternoon to answer them and read your comments.  And, do a follow-up very soon with the reactions of the happy winners…

Thanks to all who participated and enjoyed this drawing. And Congrats to the winners, who will very soon know that they have won a prize!

Happy Monday!



12 thoughts on “Drawing- 20/20 photo giveaway

  1. Well, it was great to have a bit of fun like this, and really neat way to do it! So thanks Babara for your idea to do this & for your input. I wasn’t a winner but that really wasn’t the point – it was a fun thing to do and I hope that whoever the 2 winners are, they enjoyed it as much and maybe just a little bit more on top of that as they will have the print of their choice!

    Joyce x

    1. Hi Joyce,
      I so much agree; I had a very great need of some good clean fun. I will face the rest of the day with an inner and outer smile. I am so glad that you participated. Who knows; I may think up some other ideas somewhere along the line.
      It’s always a pleasure to have you for the ride.

  2. Woooooohoooooooooo!!!!!! Somebody WON!!!!

    <– wasn't the winner but is having a consolation cuppa coffee stolen from he-who-turned-his-back!


    ALMOST as good as being the winner! (Oh, but it was fun either way!)

    1. Hi Mel,
      (Jumping up & down in my seat and doing a “Woooo”); yes, we have winners 🙂
      No, it was not Mel; this time 😦
      Thanks for playing with us and sharing your cuppa of cheer. Much appreciated!!

    1. I just got back from the site and after I typed in my email address and clicked on the button, it said that my email address was not in drawing 😦

      1. Hi Barb, me again!

        Okay…I just realized that the reason my email was not included in the drawing was because I didn’t win. Somehow I thought that meant I wasn’t IN the drawing.

        Anyway, I wish to congrat the winner!!!!

        This was so much fun, Barb! And thanks for hosting this photo drawing!


  3. Hey there Ron,
    You have mail… I did find a typo glitch that I did. You were definately in, like everyone else that commented. I checked my list more than once!!
    I want to feature the winner in an upcoming post, so you guys are warned!!
    Winners, do comment; I’ll let tell your good news 🙂
    Thanks again for your tremendous encouragement, Ron. Very much appreciated!

  4. Hi Zhu,
    I sure made your day yesterday. It is my great pleasure!
    If you haven’t seen it already, you have mail.
    Congrats again!
    Bises 🙂

    P.S. Zhu chose the second photo (Bee happy) as her prize!

  5. Hi Anne,
    It’s OK. The page may have been already actualised(other more recent drawings put there). You were in there; I checked several times my participant’s list.
    Sorry; you did not make the pick. Thank you for trying!!
    Big warm hugs to you down in Oxford xox

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