An interview with Zhu, 20/20 photo giveaway winner

I thought that it would be a nice thing to whip up a short interview for the winners of the Photo giveaway. It is a way to get to know other bloggers that you may not know well and encourage you to visit their blogs.

(Photo by Zhu)

Zhu lives in Ottawa, Canada and has selected the second photo named “Bee happy” to call her own. The bee will soon be flying to cold country so Zhu, keep that baby warm on those cold winter days in Ottawa!

The big brain computer at random dot com chose my friend Zhu. By a weird coincidence, I may add. Because I won a photo in one of her drawings a few years back!  Mine is of a lovely beach in Costa Rica.

I permitted myself to ask Zhu three easy questions.

Enjoy the interview and go visit her blog featuring her photography and writings. Just click on the link below in the first interview answer.

Barb asks Zhu the following questions :

1-      Blogger ID –

“Who is Zhu in your words?”

“I consider myself a world citizen and my blog, reflects that state of mind. It mixes travel and immigration stories with photography. The    world is a beautiful place and I never get tired of exploring it!”

2-       Photographically speaking –

     “ What one aspect of your Photography would you like to develop in the future? “

“I’d love to be working on motion. So far, like a lot of photographers, I’ve been obsessed with having the sharpest pictures possible but a few “missed” shots taught me I should embrace blur motion. This is something I want to explore! ”

3-      The Philosophical cocktail –

“What is happiness for Zhu?”

“ I tend to be a worrier but I usually feel much better about life in general when I write about it, or take snapshots of the world. Life is more fun through the viewfinder and it makes me happy to capture a funny or beautiful scenery.”

Interesting answers,  Zhu. Thanks to you for your participation !

Have a nice day everyone.


8 thoughts on “An interview with Zhu, 20/20 photo giveaway winner

  1. *waving*

    Hello Zhu! A BIG congrats on winning!!! And you selected the exact photo ( the bee) I would have chosen too. Isn’t it a great shot??

    “So far, like a lot of photographers, I’ve been obsessed with having the sharpest pictures possible but a few “missed” shots taught me I should embrace blur motion. This is something I want to explore! ”

    I so agree with you on that. I too am starting to see the awesomeness in blur motion photos. There is something beautifully raw about a photograph when it’s not always crystal clear.

    Barb – GREAT interview questions, my friend!!!! Well done!

    ((((( Barb )))))

    Happy Wednesday……X

    1. Hi Ronnie(waving back 🙂 )
      I am glad that you enjoyed the interview with Zhu. Although I enjoy taking photos now for this blog, in my old blog days, I would do fun posts like these(memes for example).
      I also know zilch about motion pictures. I think that it is great to take movement and make “blur” into artistic portraits.
      I was also feeling in the mood for a “philosphical cocktail”. It’s good to hash these questions of life at times.

      Have a great week, Ronnie & à bientôt Zhu.

  2. Hi Karin,
    It’s great to have you here. Zhu is a great blogger to know and you will have a good time between her writings and her photos.
    I hope to see you soon xo

  3. Hi Barb,

    Thank you for publishing the interview! These were good questions, they actually got me thinking 🙂

    I love the bee picture, I’m a sucker for macro and strong focus, and this one has both.

  4. Hi Zhu,
    You are so welcome. It really takes me back a bit to the old blog days! I am glad that I got you thinking. I am actually in a rather philosophical mode right now so, I needed a deeper question in the end… Ommmm 🙂
    I got very excited when I downloaded this picture on my cousin’s computer the day after I took it; it was a memorable capture! I had put on the macro mode and set it to manual mode to practice…
    Thanks to the bee for participating, too!
    You are very welcome. We shall be in touch very soon.

  5. It’s an awesome choice for the photo–and congratulations to the winner!

    I’ve snuck over to Zhu-Zhu’s before–might haffta make another sneak! And while I’m not a professional photographer, by any means, I certainly enjoy how it makes me look at the little things and the big things. I’m no good at motion shots. LOL I need things to be sitting still or I’m muttering at ’em. 😉

  6. Hi Mel,
    Yes, do take another peek. Zhu is always adding new pics and texts. She also spent two months in Central America recently and has a ton of colorful pics, and of everyday life in Ottawa.
    That makes 3 with you and myself who can’t take moving pics. Already, when you go to a zoo, trying to snap a money or a bird is a challenge. I can just imagine a motorcycle or a sprinter… I have to study harder 🙂 .

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