I am woman

In honor of the women everywhere in the world on the day before International woman’s day.

Honoring the women in my life who are called Mother, sister, cousins and friends. Then, all women that I do not know. The ones that I see working hard in my neighborhood or when I go to an office or store. Or still others that I never will meet or see in my lifetime who all lead their daily battles.  I do feel for my sisters, with the joys and sorrow of their existence.

I thought about a powerful photograph  that has been tucked away in our archives a few years. It is time to take it out into the light. It is almost a modern-day Madonna.  This was taken by a man; my husband.

In August 2007, we were in a French town called Lorient for an annual event called “Le festival  Interceltique”. This is one of the world’s leading Celtic festivals, with groups coming from many countries to participate in dance, music concerts and more.

This woman in the photograph was with her young daughter in a dancing group. It was a very hot day and the toddler was surely getting tired. D & I were across the road from her and noticed the woman scoop down and pick up the child. She was so gentle… D had the camera at this time & I nudged to him to snap a picture. I am more than sure that these photographic activities went unnoticed. No one else in the world seemed to matter than  comforting and loving that baby.

It was a beautiful moment.

If you really respect and love  women , go beyond the “yackity-yack” of debates and symposium about the condition of women. Respect women everyday for what they contribute to make life better and more beautiful.

**I hope that life is kind to all my friends. I am thinking Spring and will be planning a first day trip in March to find new scenes and experiences on a day trip outside of Paris. That is coming soon, as is our annual visit to the Paris Travel fair. **


10 thoughts on “I am woman

    1. Hi Valerie,
      Thank you 🙂 I am actually one day ahead of the Intl day. I was worried about my time tomorrow as I will be out of the house. It is my pleasure to honor all the sisters, including yourself.

    1. Hi Joyce,
      My humble thanks to you. I don’t know if you are like me but when I first preview the photos, once in awhile there is one or two that makes me good “Ooooh”. This was one. Like the bee in the photo drawing. I am so grateful for moments like these.

      Sending my love. All the power to you, sister. Go enjoy the USA!! xox

  1. Love that photo. We must never forget that there are still many places in the world where women are treated as second class (and worse) citizens. I am saddened that even in America, women are still mistreated and disrespected.

    1. Hi Bijoux,

      I am glad that you enjoyed this photo.
      Yes, and the beat goes on and I am afraid there is lots and lots of space for improvement. In the US, as much as in the so-called “Third world ” nations. Yes, there is still a lot of action to get going. I am so fortunate to have women who support each other and who love each other.
      Have a nice day and I hope to see you soon.

  2. GORGEOUS capture!

    This photo speaks VOLUMES.

    Well, I think you already know my feelings towards women, since I’ve written several posts in the past on this topic. For me, women don’t get nearly the amount of respect and equality they deserve. I love the fact that International Women’s Day is celebrated, however I think it should be celebrated EVERYday!

    “If you really respect and love women , go beyond the “yackity-yack” of debates and symposium about the condition of women. Respect women everyday for what they contribute to make life better and more beautiful.”


    And BRAVA to all you wonderful women in the world.

    You ROCK!

    ((((( Women ))))))

    Great post, Barb!


  3. Hey there Ronnie,
    Thank you! I am sure that you could really feel the love and the powerful vibes. This young lady is loved and we feel love by looking at them.
    Yes, I know how much you respect women and encourage them to live positive lives. We all have a Mother, you had the chance to have two fantsatic Moms.
    Treat all these women around you as they deserve each day and encourage them to do their best.

    Big hugs to you in Love city xox

  4. Lovely “bigouden”!

    Did you know that Lorient was named “Lorient” or rather “l’Orient” because early merchants traded with the far-East, including India? I had never thought of the Lorient-l’Orient connection until I heard that story!

  5. Salut Zhu.: I am glad that you liked the “Bigouden”(note an inhabitant of a part of Brittany that is well known for it’s women’s head coverings called “coiffes”).
    That is an interesting foot note about how the town of Lorient gained it’s name. That must be a long trip via the means of the time(boats) to got to the Orient from the port of Lorient!

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