Dance and sing into Spring

Happy Springtime to you, my friends!

I have been one busy bee this month. That is life. I was happy to be in the flow with family, friends and activities in the big world outside this blog. But last week I did take time to experience some of the annual  Paris travel fair called “le Salon mondial du tourisme”. D & I go every year to find travel ideas, brochures and experience cultures and hospitality from France, Europe and around the world.

Once again, my eyes were open, the Nikon was charged and my hips were swaying to all sorts of lively beats. Enjoy my captures:

The liveliest group during our passage. These colorful peeps hail from Mauritius. A treat to listen to…

I went mad with black and white this year:

A Madagascar woman and a visitor dance a happy jig together.

A lovely face in the crowd at the Madagascar stand.

A stoical Indonesian musician.

Have a great week wherever you are in this world.

12 thoughts on “Dance and sing into Spring

  1. Hi Valerie,
    Thank you so much. It must show a bit that I enjoy the travel fair! I tried to find the smiles and warmth of the people around me.That group from Mauricius was popular with the crowd. With it’s colors,smiles and yes, lovely ladies
    Have a nice day!

  2. Bonjour Barb~

    Happy Spring, my friend!

    HOLY COW…these photos are faaaaaaabulous! They all have such a wonderful energy!

    The color in that first shot is truly AWESOME. And as you know, I adore black and white, so I enjoyed those too. Love the expression on the musicians face in that last image – the eyes are beautiful!

    So glad you’re out and about enjoying this Spring. I cannot believe how warm it was here yesterday. I think it actually reached 80 degrees! I walked over to my friend, Marge’s apartment, and helped her put together some furniture that she got from Ikea, and then had a lovely dinner.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, my friend. And thank you for sharing. Really enjoyed this post!

    (((( Barb ))))

    1. Bonjour Ron,
      How are ya buddy? i am satisfied if I provoked emotion in these photos! I am happy that you enjoyed them. When I downloaded the photos and looked at the first colorful photo, I did go “Wow!”.
      The other three were transformed by putting them in b & w. I think that color is a friend like it is a foe. Facial expressions(like the musician’s soulful eyes) and textures are deepened without color’s distractions.
      In France the weather was not at 80° today but still a beautiful day. I am glad that you spent your day so enjoyably

    1. Hi Bijoux,
      Seeeing all this splash of color and joy makes you think of summer! I guarentee you; a few minutes of listening and you are swaying and wanting that Pina Colada!
      Keep on shining :).

  3. Lovely candid set! I bet some of these shots will look great printed in 8×10.

    I received the prize right before I left, and although I did not have the chance to properly thank you (crazy few days, you know why!), I found the picture was very good.

    1. Hi Zhu,
      You were very welcome for the photo! A happy addition to your home 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words. I had a fun time going through the stands and some of the events that were ongoing.
      Please take care and don’t hesitate if you want to e-mail or why not, even call each other. We are in the same time zone now!!

      Grosses bises.

  4. That looks a real fun expedition – lots of lively people & music. So….where will you go?? Tempting – I’d love to visit Madagascar, just to see the lemurs!

    Joyce 🙂

  5. Hi Joyce,
    A big “Howdy” to my traveler in the USA!! I am hoping that you are having a smashing time.
    Where will I go? I would do a lot more if I could!! If I got a big lottery win, I would dash off to New Zealand and to Asia!! I would love to see Japan,Hong Kong and why not, Malysia or Singapore.
    Madagascar would appeal to me, too!

    Travel fairs are fun :))

  6. these shots are fantastic
    I love the woman with the hat partially over her eyes, very dramatic

    I came by to tell you how much I loved your photo at Ron’s place
    you can tell how sweet the cat is

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