This quick postscript comes after my post yesterday called “Faith is.”. Please scroll down if you haven’t yet seen that post.

I looked on my other pictures and did not have an adequate shot of the stained glass window that generated those light patterns. So, I went fishing on the www.

This comes of a website here which is all about Beauvais cathedral (in French). This particular window is in the chapel dedicated to Saint Lucian of Beauvais, the first bishop of this city. This chapel has a 20th century stained glass creation.

It is funny how the stained glass windows didn’t catch my eye  on this particular day.  I was more attracted to the more elusive creation on the wall…

See you this week when I show you a few more beautiful finds from Beauvais.


2 thoughts on “Postscript

  1. Bonjour Barb~

    Thanks so much for sharing the stained glass window. I ADORE stained glass! This is why I love visiting all the various old churches here in Philly. The stained glass is stunning!

    Happy Tuesday, my friend!

    (((( Barb ))))


  2. Bonjour Ronnie,
    You are so welcome. I wanted to fill everyone in with a source image just to show you. It is amazing what the light does to the window hitting the wall. I know nothing about optics but I really loved the lightshow :).
    We will go visit an old church or two together the next time we are in Philly… if the Diocese hasen’t knocked more down(my grandparent’s old church is scheduled to meet the wrecking ball in the next few years). Sad 😦

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