Gothic FX to go

Two heads are sometimes better than one. D & I both contributed to this post:

Presenting a nice pic by D( my hubby), of a second church that we saw in Beauvais (err;  I mean glimpsed at from the outside. It was closed). D was hunting for gargoyles. He took a nice shot on the Coolpix, which is a compact Nikon.

Then, I came around  and gave those gargoyles spooky weather:

I changed it to b&w, adding some grain and then colorized it blue. I finished with lightning effect…

Ka-pow!  It excites me!

I think that I might like to occasionally do a double take on a photo by editing it. Just for some high-jinks. I am normally a pretty “conventional” photo person that edits very little for the FX part. Lets say that I did something different today!

Wishing you all with a bit of advance a nice weekend.


6 thoughts on “Gothic FX to go

    1. Salut Zhu,
      I am the same as you; I usually do only limited editing(cropping,retouching exposure,etc). But, it is nice for some fun on a quiet day! How goes life in Nantes? Good, I hope.

  1. Ohhhh…..ooky spooky transition there–definitely works!
    The photo, unedited is cool–AND it’s cool edited, too.

    <– likes Halloween…..LOL so was very happy with your results.

    1. Hi Mel,
      What a change that brings! We take a perfectly good picture and change it around. I am like the mad scientist for a short moment 🙂
      I am glad if I could make a hit 🙂
      Have a great day.

  2. I like both pictures… the first because of its architectural splendour and the second because it’s spooky … what a difference a few tweaks make.

  3. Hello Valerie,
    Photography is so much fun 🙂 Thank you you for your kind words.
    D had taught me a lot about photography and at one time, I would not even touch the DSLR camera!
    Though, I am still learning 🙂

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