Bloom and grow

Hi guys,

I have a new link category opened up especially for my Photography friends (which is a large percentage of the people here). If not interested, “fast-forward” to the last paragraph… I have a new link title on my sidebar called; “ A Photography post to read“.  I will frequently change posts to feature some interesting, practical or cool posts for your learning and reading pleasure.  Just click on the link and voilà. So, keep your eyes open for new links!!

Lets say that I am in a quiet mode. I also am in between several projects and ideas both in Photography, Travel and in general, about my life direction. Photography has been an increasing source of joy, comfort and of course, friendship. I don’t expect this “Shutterbug fever” to ever cure… It’s getting worse, ladies and gents. I should be so lucky!

Cheers to you all!

Sending a virtual flower to all friends… I will call this one Santee beauty; taken in my cousin Peg’s garden outside San Diego, California.


9 thoughts on “Bloom and grow

  1. Bonjour Barb~

    LOVE your new idea!!! That’s is very cool because you’ll be passing along some great knowledge! And yes, I will definitely check out your sidebar each time I stop by to see if you’ve posted something new!

    STUNNING photo! OMG…it’s simply BEAUTIFUL! I can actually SMELL that rose!!!!!

    So glad to hear that photography is giving you increasing joy. Isn’t it wonderful how the arts allow us to channel our energy; giving us something to focus on? Creativity is so healing.

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!

    (((( You ))))


  2. Hey there Ronaldo,
    It’s nice to see you back!
    i am rather excited by the sidebar idea. It’s “win-win”; There is so much info out there, and for free!. Yes, Phtography is where I am and where I am continuing to move to. I am re-doing my basics and getting off automatic mode. It is a joy to practice an art and to channel an expression of your being.. So, if I sing like a duck, and draw crooked lines, photography has been kind to me

    Big hus xox and happy weekend.

  3. *laughing* I don’t know what’s a macro and not–but I can affirm that sisters grow awesome roses in California! I got a few close up photos myself!

    What fun–I’ll have to go click and investigate.
    I’m a bit of a photo hound….LOL

    Very pretty flower…..

    1. Hey the Mel,
      Macro? Just a “fancy-schmancy” name for a close-up.
      I see that your sis also has smashing roses. My cousin was just telling me that ther roses are pretty up to the start of ummer they they get too dry. i am glad that you got a few close-ups of those California beauties, too. Thanks for your kind words; I really like this pic.
      Please, do enjoy the new sidebar category. My pleasure.
      Happy weekend to ya!

  4. Hi from very sunny Texas!The link is a really neat idea with lots of good suggestions, so thank you! And I loved the rose…


  5. Howdy Joyce!
    How I am envious, thinking of you under the sun in Texas. The weather is the opposite in Europe but, that’s the “soupe du jour”. Please, do return weekly for a new photo link. I am learning and having fun.
    You are so welcome for the rose.

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