35 amazing animals(link) and some cheer

Happy TGIF, friends!

Today’s new post link is so beautiful that I had to announce it. Check out my offering on the top right hand sidebar and click on “35 beautiful and amazing  animals in motion photography”. Please, do come back every Friday to discover a new post at the sidebar.

One more bit of news to share. Look at what is written on my “private jet” as it is preparing for take off:


Yes, I am officially flying off at the 200th post mark. Party on the first class deck, anyone? :).

Thanks again for being here and for sharing — CLAP, CLAP, CLAP—-, for you guys.

Happy weekend!


10 thoughts on “35 amazing animals(link) and some cheer

  1. *waving*

    First, allow me to congratulate you on your 200th post!

    *three cheers*

    CONGRATULATION, BARB! It’s so hard for me to believe how fast the time has flown since you moved over to WordPress!

    Second, I LOVED the photo link you shared today. OMG…what faaaabulous photos! And yes, it is hard to capture animals in motion because they move so quickly. I know this from trying to capture images of my loving-squirrels – they move like the wind!

    I think my favorite two photos on that site were the dragon fly and the humming bird – STUNNING!

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend! Wishing you a glorious weekend!

    (((( Barb ))))


  2. Hi Ronnie- OK; I took my bow- Thank you very sincerely. You are one of the few on the sidebar that were on “My inaugural flight”(note; the real name of the post number one). Yes, time has flown and I hope to be growing in the future here in WP.
    Wasen’t this post a real treat? FAB!!! What people can do with their cameras!
    I kind of got a big kick out of that tough little kitten and yes, that Dragonfly. I also loved those birds “stopped” in fights or feeding.

    I am so glad that you enjoyed, my friend. My pleasure.
    xox down to Philly 🙂

  3. Oh wow…I’m a fan of Eagles–awesome captures!
    And their hummingbird…HOLY cow.

    Very cool. I don’t do ‘sitting still’ well enough to add on the MOVING component. LOL But I’m thinking eventually, I will wanna? Maybe? Very nice photos though…just lovely!

    And congratulations on the airplane! Woooohoooooo!
    ‘Cept I’m a bit envious…..cuz no one gifted ME an airplane at #200.
    Or #2000 either come to think of it. LOL
    *shrugs* Nowhere to park it, so it’s all good! 😉

    Congratulations, ma’am.
    Keep on with the web log!! 🙂

    1. Hi Mel,
      Aren’t these photos so cool?! Now, the “moving part” is something that I don’t do,either. It is stuff to learn. I wouldn’t mind to learn to do animals, like birds. I am not interested in doing sporting events or race cars. Nah..
      Don’t worry about that big hunk of metal… it was just out for an anniversary run and now, it’s under wraps.
      Gas guzzler.. 🙂
      Thanks for your best wishes, my friend.

  4. Many congrats on 200 posts, Barb! Yay you!!
    Thank you for the link — I’m checking it out now!

    I’m back from Antibes, BTW, and looking forward to setting up a time when we can connect. Let’s email about it, but while I am here, I was thinking maybe the weekend of the 12th? I’d love to do a photowalk with you! I’m good for some weekdays, too, so if the weekend is not best, let me know.

    Here’s to 200 more posts!!

  5. Bonjour Karen,
    Thanks to you for tiking this post. I COMPLETELY forgot about number 100 and when I saw number 198, I said “wow, 200!”.
    I would love to meet you and get around. I will e-mail you to discuss the details. That would be nice to get in some photography and get out together.

    I will try and get to the 400 post mark! I am willing and I think able!!
    Cheers back to ya, Pais neighbor!

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