The beauty of the dance

Last weekend, D & I went to the annual Paris Spring commercial fair called “La foire de Paris”. It is a huge event that has a variety of events,products and expositions of all kinds.  Instead of debating the merits of brand new models of cars, home deco or collectables in the bazar, we went to find cultural animations!  We found some dancers representing their Caribbean island dance traditions from Martinique island.

This is what we call “coquetterie” in France or the love of wearing pretty things:

A tender moment:

A “hard-to-get” moment:

Group therapy that is fun:

My black and white moment, looking nice with some movement in the costume:

And finally, Strut your stuff! :

I had been experimenting with motion photography in full manual mode. I missed a lot but, I  got more than the last time I photographed dancers. Challenging but fun!



14 thoughts on “The beauty of the dance

  1. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE these photos, Barb!

    The colors in the colored shots are spectacular! And yet, the black and white (which you KNOW how much I adore b&w photography) is as equally spectacular. LOVE the motion!

    You done great, my friend!

    Viewing these photos made me think of singer/dancer, Josephine Baker, who was originally from the U.S., but made her success in Paris!

    Have a faaaaabulous Thursday, Barb!

    (((( You ))))


    1. Bonjour Ronnie,

      Thank you so much! I am glad that you enjoyed these.
      I scrambled to capture more or less rapid or daring dance moves. Even if I got some fuzzy stuff, I also got some fab expressions and that satsfies me perhaps more than a perfect movement.

      Thank you for your kind words. I am getting there, by baby steps.

      Big hugs to ya! xo

  2. Oh, I know it’s suppose to be about the colour but I adore the black and white one. I know, I know….LOL….oppositional ME!
    And I’m envious that you got motion shots.
    Seriously so.
    TRY as I might, I can get the squirrels if they sit still………but do ya KNOW many that do?!
    And I even ask ’em nicely……..LOL

    Gorgeous photos. Brilliant colours..and I really am impressed and envious…..

    1. Hiya Mel,

      Thank you for your kind words. I am far from being the “master” of the suject. I just try. I changed speeds a lot.
      Squirrels, giggling creatures as they are would need a quicker speed. The best tip is to experiment; start at one speed( I don’t know; maybe 500thof a sec), and increase). Just play!!

      Thank you again, my dear. I am learning and maybe if I get my act right, next year’s pics might be different, too!
      Happy weekend!!

    1. Hi Zhu,
      Aren’t these clothes prettty to look at?! They are traditional style clothes for people on Martinique island.
      There are tons of interesting fairs,expos and the like at the exhibition hall venue called ” Paris expo porte de Versailles” and elsewhere. It can be fun, with or without the camera. Just narrow your interest, and go online for either free invites or reduction coupons.

      Here’s a link if anyone is interested in the current schedule, in English:

  3. Brilliant! As a dancer, irresistible too! And I love the colours and the sense of movement, which you have captured, along with the coquetterie! Back in chilly UK now and the layers are on….!!

    1. Hello Joyce!
      I am happy to hear that you and Barry are now back in the UK. I am sure that you had a marvelous time.

      Thank you for your kind words. I felt like I was scrambling at times, but it was worth some nice pics.
      There is a related post on the sidebar telling more about MOTION PHOTGRAPHY.

      Hugs to you as you get used to the climate again.

  4. These photos are lovely. I saw this dance troop in Saintes a couple of years ago when the world dance festival visited the city. I didn’t manage to get such good photographs but I really enjoyed all the different dance troops.
    I cam across your blog quite by accident but I am very happy to have done so for these lovely pictures.

  5. Hello Kerry,
    Thank you for your kind words. I am delighted that you have also experienced this happy and colorful troop of dancers. I will say that doing dancers is a huge photographic challenge. I did miss pics and got others that had less blur or nice expression. It takes a good telephoto lens and lots of practice. I am not completely there!
    Stop on over anytime 😉

    1. I have a new camera now with a telephoto lens so hopefully I will be able to take better pictures. On my last walk I only had my pocket camera and I saw a deer grazing in a field, I kicked myself for not having taken the new camera along.

      1. Hi Kerry,
        I wish you lots of joy with your telephoto lens. :). My reaction to the standard lens( the one we got with the camera) was “nice”. When we bought the telephoto, it was “Wow!!!”. You will really enjoy using it!
        i know too; sometimes, I have no camera and I go out and I see something really interesting. Rats!! You will catch up to that deer ;).

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