My news that I want to share with you is that D & I will be leaving in exactly one month to Hawaii. On the 10 June, we will be flying from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport to the “city of the Angels”, Los Angeles, California, where a corresponding flight will take us to Honolulu.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that is a long haul. But, we have survived it before and will manage to do so once again.

It is time to see my family, especially see a Mother who has had many a challenge since having a stroke last year. Also, in between family visits, we definitely want to do some outings and photography. Hawaii is a remarkably photogenic place and I hope to capture some of this beauty.

In the meanwhile, I feature this lovely photo of Oahu, the main Hawaiian island and my former home.

This is not one of our photos. It is off a website called Free images Royalty free stock images : .
It has nice photos of Hawaii (and other places in the world) to admire and also to use, if so inclined. So, go have a peek; the trip is free!!

Enjoy the images of Hawaii and have a great day.


14 thoughts on “Aloha

  1. Goooood morning Barb~

    Yaaaaaaaaaay….so glad to hear you got your intinerary all set to go!

    And yes, I’ve not traveled to Hawaii, but have traveled to Japan so I can indentify with the ‘long haul.” OMG, it took me 27 1/2 hours!!!

    Also, I’m so happy to hear you will have time with you mother and family. That’s what I’ll be doing in June too. I’ll be leaving on the 25th and staying for two weeks. I’m so looking forward to it.

    I can’ wait to see all your beautiful photos of Hawaii!

    Have a great weekend, dear friend!
    (((( Barb )))))

    P.S. beautiful photo you shared on this post!

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Thanks, buddy! We are getting there. We are preparing our personal things. OMG; 27 1/2 hours to get to Japan. You do know where I am coming from!
      I was glad to hear that your trip is on track. Good for you!!! Your Mom is going to be thrilled. I am already very happy to know that she is responding well to her treatments.

      You and everyone will be treated to an “eyeful” of Hawaii. Though, when I return. Will do!
      xoxo and hugs back to ya!

    1. Hello Joyce!
      I will admit that I feel the anticipation growing bit by bit. Family visits and sunset moments are both on our “to do” list. I have been reading up on sunset photography, doing you tube( excellent resource for tutorials) and practicing . Yes, the trip is well worth the long haul!

      Cheers and hugs to you and Barry xx

  2. Whoa…….

    I’d travel the required hours to see that…….
    It’ll be a good trip. Happy Mom’s Day…to you, to her….to everyone….

    Wow……how awesome to be standing, watching THAT?!

    1. Hi Mel,
      Happy Mother’s day to all Moms!!
      I guess that we are the same 🙂 I would stop for a sunrise/sunset anytime! We ahev even dug out hubby’s old folding tripod to ready for the trip. Just preparing and pics like this make me want to say “We can, too!”
      Happy Mommy’s day to you, Mel!!

  3. Thanks for your “vote of confidence”. I think that even if the fam was in some simple spot without palm trees,beaches or whatever, we would go ther. Hawaii remains Hawaii. I miss the simple natural things like sunsets, the night sky or rainbows.
    Come on; no jealous people here. You have been to places that I can only see in a book or film!
    Never say never… maybe one day, you will make it to the big 5-0 state!!

  4. Hi Barbara,

    Wishing you and D a safe and great trip to Hawaii… It will be great for you both to reconnect with them… after such a long time and I’m sure they will be so happy to see you and to spend time with the both of you…
    It will be a nice break for both of you … and I think it’s really great that you will be able to see your mom and to spend some quality time with her.. I know how important that is and that being for far is not easy… I’m very sorry that she is having health problems but I know it do a world of good to have you guys there with her…

    Peace and love,
    Leesa : )

  5. Hello Lisa,
    Thank you for your kind words. They are very appreciated.
    Yes, this will be a rare occasion to spend quality time with Mom and the family. We are doing both family time and a bit of R&R on altinate days. It will be very nice. It takes an expat to know one and how difficult it can be to see family, and when once there, how it is extra special.
    My Mom has had a stroke last year and I was able to buy a ticket see her for two days last year(when I was in SD). It was well worth the extra effort.

    Returning your wishes of peace and love back to you and Alex.

  6. Sure thing.. I’ll pass on your greetings to Alex, thanks…

    I remember hearing about your mom… and I am sending positive energy her way…

    Namaste, LEESA

  7. Hi Leesa, you are welcome.
    Thanks for my Mom; She has had a rocky road and I know is still battling. My sister has to deal with Mom daily and it is not always easy.
    Much apprecited for your good vibes. Same to you & Alex.

    Sending thoughts of peace to you & Alex and to your familes.

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