Crossing paths with world travelers

A shout out and big Merci to Michael & Larissa Milne of  Changes in Longitude.  I got to meet them today in Paris!

This charming couple has been on a around the world trip since August 2011. I was captivated by their story since I discovered a link to their blog in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Christmas day, 2011. . In a nutshell, it always had been the dream of Michael & Larissa to  travel around the world. One day, they decided to sell all their belongings, quit their jobs and prepare to travel on their dream trip.

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to travel around the world for a year?

Michael and Larissa so kindly allowed me to do a mini interview. Here is what I asked:

1-  What makes a couple decide to chuck it all and travel around the world?”

Larissa summed it up so nicely  “If I could do anything, it would be this”. The need, the passion to travel had always been with them for the longest time since they were married.

2- ” How long did it take to prepare for the trip?”

I didn’t jot  down the number of months it took ( fill me in again, Michael or Larissa) but the goal to travel around the world had to be done in stages: first, sell their home in the outskirts of Philly, then once the house was sold, sell, donate or simply throw out their earthly possessions, then, put the remaining articles in storage and relocate to city center.

Then, the planning and unwinding of all the other elements towards their goal could begin! Michael talked of his “100 points list”, with all the important details that they had to attend to before leaving the USA. They did their homework well. The Milne’s are now advising other future travelers about trip planning and about destinations! The students now become teachers.

3- “How do you like Paris?”

Larissa said “no trip around the world would be complete without Paris”.


It is not the first time for them in the “City of lights” but just their 8th! Mon Dieu! (OMG) A real pleasure is felt with them as I sat in a patisserie- salon de thé enjoying a little bit of pie with them and walking around the Eiffel tower.

Go and click on their link to enjoy their travel posts,lovely photography and the ongoing excitement of their around the world trip. Where will they head to next? Go to their blog and find out!.

Thanks again to Michael & Larissa for taking the time to meet me today.

Cheers to all!


7 thoughts on “Crossing paths with world travelers

  1. Wow! What a wonderful interview, Barb!

    And I so admire Michael and Larissa for following their hearts and traveling the world for a year. Way to go!

    “I think that Michael &Larissa have done their homework well and have learned on hand. They are now advising other future travelers about trip planning and tips about destinations!”

    That’s AWESOME! It’s it something how sometimes a passion becomes a career?

    I’m so glad you were able to get together with this lovely couple. And I’m sure they enjoyed you and much as you enjoyed them 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, my friend! And yes, I will definitely check out their blog!

    X ya!

  2. Hi Ronnie,
    Hey there buddy! I tell ya, Michael and Larissa are an inspiration! Their story teaches us not to give up on our dreams. I don’t think that traveling is their career though, who knows where it may lead in the future. They absolutely love traveling, something that I share and I can share the happiness when other people achieve their travel dreams.
    I am so glad that you enjoyed. I am always happy to have ya onboard.

  3. Hi Barbara, what a great story, imagine doing that, 🙂 🙂 How wonderful that you got to meet this lovely couple and do a mini interview 🙂 I will check out their blog too, xox

    1. Hello Anne,
      Thank you, hon. I had a feeling that you would enjoy this. I was very happy that the schedule worked out to meet before our departure. I would be happy to be traveling around the world like them but for the moment, I am contenting myself to what I have. Maybe one day!


  4. Hi Michael & Larissa,
    I was very happy to know you. You are a wonderful couple to know and yes, we all have a connection to Philly(I could talk about your city at a drop of a hat!).
    My pleasure for the post.

    Enjoy Paree!

  5. It’s always fun to meet new people, especially travelers! Kuddo to them for being on such a long trip, a year would be too long for me.

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