Sliding back to home port

Hi guys,

D and I came back home last evening to CDG-Paris airport.

I don’t want to dwell on the airport stuff now, but we had two delays and two missed connexions, each time through LAX.  You darn know that always spells aggravation.But, we try to grin and bear it the best we can.

I am preferring to show you more blue and happy stuff in the coming days, the time that I get my act together to get a better look at our pic file.

Here’s one to slide home to. A happy body surfer that I spied off of Ala Moana beach park.:

That is for the surfer boy now, a bonus pic with the luscious surfer girl:

What about that, guys? Ha!

My pleasure to be reuniting with my friends so “e komo mai”, come on in, in the coming days.

See you very soon!


11 thoughts on “Sliding back to home port

  1. Well, you’re back even if it wasn’t an easy or stress free transit. Pause to make unmentionable expletives here………….!!!!! Welcome home and thanks for the sun/sea/sand pics to brighten our grey northern European skies. Hope all went well for your family visit.

    Joyce x

    1. Hi Joyce,
      How nice to see you! Oh yes; travel is hard work. That adage we know by heart. Fortunately in between one delay due to a late clean-up crew(yes, throw me your little “!!!!!” this way) and another “tech problem” delay, in between it was sunny,sweet and fun.
      It is my immense pleaure to share. I also need to brighten up the drab skies!

  2. Welcome home Barb!!!!!

    Hip, hip hooray!!!!!

    ” but we had two delays and two missed connexions, each time through LAX.”

    Isn’t LAX insane? I had a two layover/connection flights there, when I traveled to Japan.

    Faaaaaaaaaaabulous photos! OMG….that ocean water color is stunning! Looking forward to seeing more in the upcoming days!

    Glad you’re back, my friend. You were missed!

    ((((( Barb )))))


    1. Hey there Ronnie,
      Great to hear from ya! (Waving my hanky!). Oh yes, LAX is indeed intense. I have never been there to do LAX; just to & from HI. But, the airport is huge and always packed.
      Thank you for your kind words. Color is what jumps out in HI, esp the blues. I forgot how clear and blue the water is.

      I missed ya, too, and my good friends. I will be posting more photos in the following days. Stay tuned.

  3. LAX is insanely busy, last time we queued for several hours upon landing! Lucky LA was our final destination for the day (our flight to TO was the following day) or we would have missed our connection as well.

    Lovely pictures! Very Hawaiian 😆

    1. Hi Zhu,
      You definately know what I am talking about. People and more people, huge lines at Immigration then at Customs and you finally have to trod on over to the next terminal.
      It is work!
      Well, it was well worth it to have had the time over there but the aiport part remains a big pain…
      I am glad that you enjoyed the pics.

  4. She’s BACK!

    Welcome back….and oh…after a quick breeze through the photos, boy–that must be a hard return. LOOK at that water and the brilliant blues…..Wow……

    And LAX……last flight wasn’t an issue because of the destination BEING LA–but I can attest to it getting messier instead of neater.

    1. Hey there Mel!
      Thanks for the welcome! You are right; it is always a rough transistion. The weather has been less than Hawaiian here but, I try to take things as they come. Then, you gotta getinto the swim with every day stuff.
      Yes, our flights were both DESTINED TO LAX, but the place is one big noisy piece of controled chaos). It is always a madhouse!

  5. Thanks for the welcome, Mel!
    We had a delay from Paris due to a non-tech issue and a delay from HNL due to a tech problem that was important to solve. But LAX itself is intense! Maybe better luck for us next time…
    See ya soon!

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