My Hawaiian VIPs

This post is a first for me. I always have avoided putting family in the photos that are on this blog. But, I have used some “creative licence” this time to keep a bit of their mystery.

Mom during a quiet moment at Punchbowl cemetery. My Dad is buried here.

“Lil’Moose”, my 2 year old niece and flower girl.  She is very near to where her paternal granddad rests.

My sister and Moose.

Scroll down to discover a second post that is once again, down on the beach!


12 thoughts on “My Hawaiian VIPs

  1. Moose utterly delightful! And a very touching shot of your Mum. I liked the “3’s” too – now, were you setting out to spot young men with bare skins, or did it just happen…..!!

    Joyce 🙂

    1. Hi Joyce,
      Thank you! Moose is a doll. As for the photo of my Mum, this was a fab result after a change at home(initial photo did not have enough lighting). I think that all three are keepers!
      Humm… as for photos of men in bare skin, perhaps some wishful thinking in there with a spot of luck. But, the climate is more favorable to spotting this; Don’t worry; I say look but no touch!

  2. The photo of the mom created a wave of emotions–that makes it an extra special photo in my eyes……and that it’s in black and white just made it more so.

    I’m not going to tell you how precious the lil moose is–omg…..I’m sure you can testify to that one without me saying it. But boy–the setting with that precious one, makes the photo another sentimental, special one.
    And the last one–well…..Sister photos are always specialier than special.
    ‘Nuff said about that one, huh?

    1. Hi Mel,
      You are right about waves of emotions… I had edited that one and when I finished I was really so caught up in my emotions. Black and white was perfecto here.
      As for Lil Moose, she is a cutie. She will be probably in elementary school in the future the next time that we will be able to come(that is, infrequently).
      The photo of my sis and her baby is very special. I am going to use that one in the near future for her.

      Thanks so much for hopping on over. Happy weekend! xo

  3. Barb, these photos are absolutely faaaaaaaabulous!

    As Mel shared, the one of your mother caused a wave of emotions within me. OMG…it’s BEAUTIFUL! And thank you so much for sharing the photo of Lil’ Moose because I’ve not ever seen her. She is BEYOND adorable! Love the shot of she and your sister together.

    Thanks so much for sharing your VIP’s pics, my friend. Okay, now I’m going to check out the photos in your post below.

    (((( Barb ))))


    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Thank you hon. I am modestly bowing down to your kind words, as everyone else’s. Can you imagine? That photo came out wrong with the light but, I still liked it. When I came home, I edited it and made it into b&w.
      The other two also have a big emotional load. I recognize that having Moose just INCHES near her grandad’s niche is very symbolic. A new generation is born…
      Sending a virtual hug back:
      (((((((((( Ron)))))))))))

  4. Hi Michael & Larissa,
    Thanks, guys!
    The decision not to normally blog family pics is for privacy. Some might say that there is no privacy with anything online,true. That’s why I am careful with my family.That is also why I rarely take pics of people that I don’t know “face on”, (more often by back shots or profile).
    Have a great day in England ;).

  5. The girl is a cuty! Definitely worth having her pic taken.

    Like you, I’m big on privacy. I don’t mind posting pics of us once in a while but you must have noticed that family is off-limit 😉

  6. Hey Zhu,
    My niece is a cutie. I am going to take tons of photos each time that I have the chance to go to HI. But, I do not like to show them too close up. Profile is fine or from the back. Or anything else more discrete. That is also why I did not show my Dad’s grave marking(he is in one of those “niche’s behind Moose’s back).
    Yes, I noticed that you too protect your family. Good for you!

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