Anti-gravity toys

The day before our departure, my Mom, sis and lil Moose took us to the 50th state fair! It was a chance to enjoy some good clean fun, excitement and yes, get in some camera action. I played with the photo editor to continue the fun:

I would rather photograph it than ride it( yes, it goes all around). Using HDR effect  to make the circle “pop” against a vibrant sky.

I rode this one with my sis; it rocks you back and forth and “almost” on top. Quite enough for me! The photo was done with an “infrared” effect.

If you can’t photograph a tropical Hawaiian sunset(the sunsets were not that beautiful during our stay), make your own! Here with a roller coaster that was given a color booster.

**Scroll down for a new post to see some of D’s own photo picks !**

10 thoughts on “Anti-gravity toys

    1. Hi Bijoux,
      Thank you :). I thought too that my machine riding days were done until when my sis bought tickets… Her little one was terrorized by the kiddy rides so we played kiddy! Once on the Pharaoh’s fury was enough!

  1. Oooooo, Barb….I LOVE these images!

    Love what you did with the special effects. Well done!

    “I rode this one with my sis; it rocks you back and forth and “almost” on top. Quite enough for me!”

    OMG…you are so brave because there is no way I would ride that thing!!

    Okay, now I’m going to check out the photos below!


    1. Hey there Ronnie,
      (Waving to ya down in FL). You made it! Now the good part starts :).
      Thank ya, sweetie. I don’t edit often because I like a more natural photo. I more often do cropping or b&w transformation.
      I did where my badge of courage because when that ride sped up and then zoomed backwards, I was not all so calm. LOL!! But, I survived.

      Have a great day in paradise xox

  2. …..k…..very awesome photos.
    But NFW and I going upside-down. AIN’T HAPPENIN’….
    Round and round–okayfine.
    Up and down, I can DO!

    Upside-down?! Ummmm……upchucking happens. I’m thinkin’ folks don’t WANT me going upside-down…..

    1. Hey Mel,
      You are like me; no “loop-the loop’ for me either. NOT!! There was another where they send you up a pole thing slowly and then “drop” you quickly (NAH) or other forms of gentle torture.
      Hubby didn’t wan’t the Pharaoh ride… He braved it on Music machine!!!

      Have a safe and quiet day 🙂

  3. Hi Zhu,
    It was really a “baby” roller coaster compared to some on the “Mainland” like 6 flags. I rode the baby one a long time ago and it still was high enough to make you freak out!
    Thanks for your kind words :).

  4. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog today. Had to check yours out too. You really captured the motion of those rides in your photographs. I could feel my stomach lurch just looking at them. I am esp. fond of the b&w photo because you captured the moment when someone decided to increase their thrill by raising their hands jubilantly to the sky.

  5. Hi Linda,
    You are very welcome for my visit to your blog.
    Thank you for your nice words. I was lierally “hanging” on the moves of these machines. I think that either I got lucky to have a person raise his/her arms up or they saw me! Either way, it’s a great detail!
    Even if I am not officially a “blogger-crafter”, I do bead and relate to beading blogs. I will be back to visit you! Cheers and thanks fo coming!

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