D’s picks(1/4)

I asked  D (my hubby) to pick some of his favorite Hawaii photos. Because this time, we had one camera each to play with. D uses the following model (the photo comes off a camera evaluation website):

It is a lightweight Nikon bridge camera that can zoom in 26x or if you prefer, going from 4.0 – 104 mm. Here are two of his fav’s. More to be coming soon:

That iconic symbol of Waikiki beach (and of Honolulu,too- Diamond head. It is an extinct volcano. Taken off Ala Moana beach park and looking towards the yacht club.

A man’s type of zoom material; a lady sunbather enjoying the creature comforts of phone, tweets or FB on Waikiki beach.

Note: I had none of these goodies; just our Nikon and my eyes and I enjoyed every minute of my time there.


8 thoughts on “D’s picks(1/4)

  1. “A man’s type of zoom material; a lady sunbather enjoying the creature comforts of phone, tweets or FB on Waikiki beach.”

    HAHHAHAHAHAHA! OMG…how funny and TRUE! However, I’m noticing the guys legs standing next to her – HA!

    Please tell D I said, “Bravo…great shots!” And thanks for sharing his camera model because I like Nikon cameras and am thinking about upgrading mine to a more advanced one!


    1. Hey there Ronnie,
      I will tell D that you send your compliments. Thank you.
      Boy, D honed into that woman like a hungry bear into honey! I asked him yesterday for decency’s sake how far he was. He said that he was not up close. Yup, men all around that one.
      D loves this coolpix and has been having fun with it. Keep up posted for the search for a new Nikon. Yes, we are a Nikon fam too; we have 3!

  2. *laughing*

    Definitely not my kinda zoom material.
    I wondered where the material was on that swimsuit–poor thing, they gave her strings instead. *shaking head*

    Now the first photo…..awesome! I could look at that for eons.
    And any time he wants to zoom and shoot and share……I’m good with that!!

    1. Hey Mel,
      When I was watermarking, I also wondered what type of top she had on. That does seem skimpy.
      D nailed the first of Diamond head. I had forgotten how clear and blue the island’s waters are.
      Thanks for the kind words. We shall be bringing D in for more pics!

  3. So true! Guys know what to focus on 😆

    I use a Nikon D60 with three lenses and that’s good enough for me. I don’t know the latest model, the camera doesn’t matter… all that matters is your eye 😉

  4. Hi Zhu,
    Man’s type of subject! But, I guess we are even- I photgraphed men. But, they had more cloth on!!
    I am very happy to be using the Nikon D 50. We have two lens(upgrade to a zoom lenses last year) and a macro kit. So far, so good!

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