Photo gallery- it’s all about blur

It’s Friday and that means a new photo post. Even if I don’t always post about my Friday picks every week, please feel free to come down and check them out. There is a lot of learning material and many beautiful things to be enjoyed.

This week, lets look at some great photos with blur.  And do you take shots with blur? I have with the dancers that I featured on this blog, but I need more practice.


Happy viewing!


4 thoughts on “Photo gallery- it’s all about blur

    1. Hi there Ron,
      I guess that for most of us, blur is an accident.I blur by accident when my speed is off or someone / something moved very quickly.
      When I will blue “purposely” one day and it will be cool, then I will have gone full circle!

  1. Ooohhh noooooooo.
    I save enough photos without saving the blurred ones. LOL

    Theirs are cool though–way cooler than mine (trust me on that one….).

  2. Hey Mel,
    Bloopers… I got them too. Before deleting, take a look. Then go and cut!
    i agree; that is cool blur. Something about the outcome,setting has made art!
    Happy weekend to ya!

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