D’s picks (2/4)

Monday is always a happier one with a couple of pics to enjoy. Back to Hawaii! Once again, my hubby is sharing some of his fav shots taken with his Coolpix.

Lil Moose, my niece and rubber slipper thief! Just borrowing D’s stuff and showing her new look to the world. Yes, everyone’s shoes are worth getting into when you are two. Ha!!

A surfer flashing a “shaka” sign before surfing off of Ala Moana beach park. Shaka sign is this:

The way so say “hang loose”  and  to greet people informally in the islands.

I am coming back this week with a bunch of photos taken at an event. Once again, luck smiled at us and we “stumbled” into an incredible event in a shopping center. Photographers love surprises!

Wishing you all a good Monday.


10 thoughts on “D’s picks (2/4)

  1. Hi Barbara,

    I’ve just been catching up with your & D’s superb shots – what a great flavour of Hawaii you’ve captured there! That little Mooselette is quite a delight! And I really like the one with the cool shaka guy – nice capture! The others – well, like you I’m a roller-coaster observer rather than a partaker, and I do like the fiery colours/silhouette shot.

    Joyce 🙂

    1. Hi Joyce,
      How are you? Well, D certainly got a lucky shot here; I came a little later and she had a different pose. Kids! Yes, the Moselette is a cute little girl.
      Shaka back to you & Barry! Very candid and informal 🙂 D must have luck with the surfer boys; he had another in 2006(already shared here).
      We are safe Virgos aren’t we? I did risk that Pharoah ride in the second photo but, once was enough! We Virgos like the comfort of two feel on our earth element.

    1. Hi Zhu,
      Thank you! I suggested to him that he change cameras and practice with the bigger one. But, he is happy with the simplicity of the Coolpix. The pic of my niece was pretty good; I love the natural light and the candid pose!

  2. Aww….that’s a keeper of a photo of the 2 year old. The light, the simplicity–it’s just too cute. And so typically two…and three…cuz the Bug was giving that a go yesterday, too. LOL

    And that last photo is awesome.
    He done GOOD! 🙂

  3. Mel,
    Thank you for your kind words. D nails a lot of his images. He prefers now not to fuss with the big camera(my toy most of the time!).Yes, the pic of the lil lady is a keeper. Oh yes; you know all about the terrible twosies. :)). Since we can’t come often to HI, we might make a huge jump from terrible twos to kindergarden or wherabouts.

  4. Hi little cup,
    You are very welcome. Feel free to stop by anytime and enjoy.
    My niece is a cutie and I expect her to be growing as a weed. I won’t recognize her the next time around.
    My pleasure.

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