Hey, sailor!

D & I happily stumbled into this event at Ala Moana shopping center in Honolulu: a major makeup company named this  had their summer collection presentation. With dancers and pretty ladies, please!

It was a real challenge; less for the movement of the dancers, more for the heads and people parading in front of my viewfinder. Patience is paid off in the end.

The lady dancer saw my big camera eye and posed for me. I gave her a “thumbs up!”

I found a video of these dancers on youtube! We saw the exact same number.

Enjoy and happy weekend to all.


6 thoughts on “Hey, sailor!

  1. Oh how FUN!
    And you can tell which one’s are having a good time in that video!! Seemed to show up in the photos you snapped, too.

    Dunno how you got people to get out of the way for the shots you did get, but WELL DONE!
    And gosh, what fun! For them and for you.

    I do need to wonder just HOW In the heck that one gal gets around in those boots with the high heel. HOLY cow. LOL

    1. It was a BLAST!! Visually exciting, lively, very likeable dancers and interesting activity going on with the make up ladies.
      I enjoyed the charisma of the Afro-American beauty and that sailor who played Popeye reminded me of my Dad in his 20’s(expression,smile and hair color + Dad was in the Navy!)
      Thanks for the wink, Dad!
      I jockeyed around, in front, and panning my best from back. I will quote a former Paris expat friend(who lives in Boston today):
      “Get yer big fat head out of there!” With NJ accent, please!

      I am no longer 20 either so balancing my feet on tall boots in out! Probably for you, too!
      Cheers and many thanks for your kind words.

    1. Hi Joyce,
      Many thanks, honey :).
      This was a challenging yet fun shoot. Attractiver young people and lots of action to keep me on my toes. I am sure that the dancer in you swayed to the video also :).
      I think that you are having as a wet July as we are in France. Chin up and keep busy.

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