D’s picks (3/4)

Back for more?

D & I been enjoying this feature. We think that we will do like this on a future trip. For now, we continue with Hawaii:

Another classic view looking towards Diamond Head.

An informal shot of the wedding couple in earlier previous post ” A romanchiku moment“. Mister is flashing a “V”, something that Japanese routinely do when they get photographed! Go figure but, it’s your wedding so, do what makes you happy!

Cheers 🙂


4 thoughts on “D’s picks (3/4)

  1. Hi Zhu,
    Yes, there is. The wedding industry is really big over there! People plan a holiday around a wedding/revowing ceremony. I don’t blame them. For myself, it is more romantic than getting married in a Vegas chapel!

  2. Hey there dude,
    Thank ya for your kind words. I shall transmit to Mr Photographer :).
    That second shot was really funny but, you can also sense their joy! Everyone was cool,relaxed and not offended at all. Which is a part of the magic of Hawaii… it relaxes people. 🙂

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