Today’s Hawaiian flavored wish appetisers

I am a grateful person.
I am very thankful for where I am and the way the” photograph” of my life looks, for the major part.

But, just for today,

I wish…

That this was my view:

That these toys were outside my front door:

That I could once again cast those long, sunny day shadows:

My shadow, my right foot and I!

And yes, that I could eat a “shave ice”(a snow cone if you know that; finely crushed ice serve with fruit syrup) today. This one was a treat.

Strawberry & Pina Colada flavor, babe!

Down to the last drop- So “ono”!!!(delicious in Hawaiian).

And finally:

That instead of taking the RER(Paris suburban line) or bus, I could just hop on the submarine!

We did the submarine ride. I shall tell you about that a next time.

All the above is really wishful thinking, but a lot of fun!!  Scroll down to the next post to see two more of D’s photo picks.
Cheers to all!

8 thoughts on “Today’s Hawaiian flavored wish appetisers

  1. Bonjour Barbara, I wish that was my view too!! I love the sound of the “shave ice” mmmm tasty.
    I cannot believe you went on a submarine ride , now that is certainly different LOl

    Take care my friend Hugs,

    1. Bonjour Anne,
      You would have loved all of the above wishes. Shave ice is delish on a hot day. I grew up with that. The only thing that I couldn’t have my fav rainbow shave ice… OK, I will live.
      As for the submarine, you will have to stay tuned!

  2. Whoa……I’d take that view if it was being offered me.

    Don’t get me wrong–I love being right where my feet are. HERE is awesome.
    But a week at the beach……with a submarine limo…and TOYS!!!?

    Yup. I could do that!
    I’d let you have seconds on shaved ice.
    Unless there’s a coffee flavored one……that one’s mine……. :-/

  3. Hi Mel,
    Isn’t Hawaii a blast? 🙂 This is a real playground and peeps are pretty serious about enjoying themselves, day & night. I don’t blame them!!
    OK; promised; you have dibs for a coffee flavored shave ice( I don’t know if that exists!).
    A very quick tidbit about coffee: In Hawaii is grown the only commercial coffee production in the USA.
    D LOVES Kona coffee :).

  4. *waving from Florida*

    OMG Barb, looking at these images reminds me of my view right now – the tropics 🙂

    AWESOME photos! They’re all so beautiful. LOVE the colors!

    Amazing capture of the submarine!

    Hope you’re having a faaaaaaabulous week, my friend!

    (((((( Barb ))))))


  5. Hi Ronnie (waving both hands towards FL!)
    Yes, we both ad or are having doses of tropical flavors! I am happy that you enjoyed. Hawaii is a photographer’s paradise. Even on a partly cloudy day(which was our case a lot of the time), the colors seem to pop. I have forgotten the beauty of the blue hues in the water.
    My week is quiet,chilly rainy and far from tropical. But, we manage.
    xox. Miss ya, my friend!

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