Get inspired on the beach

While I choose and prepare my submarine photos (scroll down to the next post if you haven’t seen my preview photo of the sub!), I am leaving you with a gorgeous beach photo gallery to enjoy. It is after all “Photo post Friday”, with a new Photography post each week.Yay!!

I personally would love to continue beach and shoreline photography in the coming years; and to especially learn how to do long exposures( like the photo in the gallery entitled: Catherine Hill Bay Beach). They give the waves and sky a beautiful texture. And yes, I would love to do lots of gorgeous sunsets, too.

Like many photographers, I am attracted to the sea. I love the movement of the waves and the color and texture of the water. And the people… they are so fascinating on a beach. Never a dull day :).

Enjoy the photo gallery and happy weekend to all!


4 thoughts on “Get inspired on the beach

  1. The beach may be the #1 thing I miss living in Canada. Take me by the water, especially waterfalls/waves and I feel happier, better, calmer. I’m not a river or a lake person though, even though these are magical places in a way too.

  2. Hi Zhu,
    Just speaking from my own experience, when moving to another country, we try and play “down” the things we miss from back home “oh; I can always fly to somewhere along the coast”. I have done it in France; to beautiful beaches in Normandy & Brittany with long white sand stretches of beach. But…
    Nothing beats what we left! I can imagine your love of the ocean and hearing the waves.
    I can relate!
    Bises :).

  3. GORGEOUS photos, Barb!

    I especially love the second one of the gray sky beach and the girl with the umbrella.


    And being here in Florida these past two weeks, I’d forgotten how much I enjoy the beach!

    Have a super weekend, dear friend!

    ((((( You )))))


  4. I have NOT forgotten how much I like the beach and the ocean. And I’ll settle for any water….it’s got that peaceful, slowing down affect with me.

    The photos are AWESOME.
    I’m glad I don’t have to pick! Since I don’t haffta worry about all that sun on the sand/waters, I don’t have to fuss with what settings….LOL But I now need to see if I can con he-who-hates-the-heat into a wander about down by the river so I can pretend. (wish me luck on that one….suppose to be near the 100 mark today!)

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