In the submarine we go!

Lucky you; you are just in time to board an Atlantis submarine and go down under water!

This post is a combined  hubby & wife photo experience. I will just let you enjoy:

Landing where we catch the boat to the submarine. Located at the Hilton Hawaiian village.



The shuttle coming in with the previous passengers.

In the shuttle.

American and Hawaiian flags flying proudly against a Waikiki backdrop.

After a short safety lecture and a short ride, a zodiac appears to prepare for the sub’s landing and boarding.

The submarine is ready. You can see that the hatches are open. The crew will then proceed to “park” the shuttle.

Crew member.

The first passengers arrive.

Close quarters in the sub. Back to back seating.

Our guide.

Past the 100 ft mark!

A fishing boat that went down years ago.

The “pyramids”. They were used for scientific purposes with the University of Hawaii. If you click on the photo, you can see the small fish swimming among the rings!

We saw very little marine life; schools of small fish and a few sharks on the other side of the sub. The depth of the water affects the light coming from the surface. That is why everything is blue! It was of course, hard to photograph down below.

Crew member saying goodbye and flashing a shaka sign.

I would do this ride another time if we were on one of the outer islands, like Maui. An exciting experience!!

Happy weekend!

14 thoughts on “In the submarine we go!

  1. Ohhhhhhhhh…….too cool! Bit crowded–obviously…..but perhaps I’d be so enthralled by the experience that it wouldn’t matter?

    Cool photo tour–tyvm for that.
    100 feet …….yikes…….

    1. Hi Mel,
      Affirmative; it was very cool. We all watched the previous passengers arrive and we saw a bunch of unhappy faces… I wonder what they were expecting?? Trained fish & mammals? I was very happy to go down 100+ ft. I didn’t even think about crowding or the depth.
      Have a great week, my dear! x

  2. Barb, each and everyone of these photos is spectacular!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ones inside the sub and the underwater views!

    Well done, my friend. Well done!

    Hope you’re having a super weekend!


    1. Hey there vacation maker,
      By the time I write this, you should be back in Love city, with a smile and a great tan.
      I am so glad that you enjoyed. It was tricky to photograph in the “tin can”. Both D & I are happy that you & everyone enjoyed. The blue tints are kind of cool when I think about it!
      Happy “back to relaity” Monday to ya.

  3. Thank you for the pictures! I have always found submarines extremely intriguing and fascinating, and I loved the pictures you snapped inside.

    There is a submarine in St Nazaire (you know, the shipyards close to Nantes) and you can visit it, but it doesn’t go under water anymore. I went there every summer as a kid!

    1. Salut Zhu,
      You are very welcome. We have an expression in Hawaii: “Hana Hou” ( say: hah-hah-ho) or “one more time”!! I would do it a second time on another island( of course, if we go to one of the outer islands one day).
      I had no anxiety whatsoever.

      OK; when I will go to Saint Nazaire one day, I will check out Zhu’s “yellow submarine”. It’s of course, the funkiest one in France-LOL!!.µ

  4. Wow Barbara , it does look amazing, and what an experience, but I was going to ask about anxiety, but you didn’t have any at all. I think I would .. it is like being in a lift (elevator) except going down .:-)

  5. Hi Anne,
    You definately have to ask yourself before trying this if you will be OK with the closed spaces and the idea of being shut in. If not, better not go. I did not hesitate and when I was there, the crew was so serious and professional that you feel at ease.
    It was nice to see you here. Have a great week.

  6. Hi Mitzie! It was very different and a first for me. As I expressed with my friend Anne, I was not anxious at all. I guess the excitement chased away whatever fears I may have had at the start.
    Thank you for your kind words. D & I enjoyed sharing this!

    Enjoy your day touring in Nairobi!

  7. Well that looks one very exciting experience! Yes, I’d do it. I liked the idea of having so many portholes to see out of, the potential anxiety of being in there, under water, would have been offset by being able to see out. I did a glass-bottomed boat trip in Florida where we went below to see out of the side windows & the bottom. The sub looked similar – except of course, the depth you were at. Some lovely underwater shots and lots of pics to give the overall flavour. A good way to brighten up a cool, damp, grey Monday in Europe under the jet stream…!!

    Joyce x

  8. Hi Joyce,
    I seemed to have created two different efects on my friends & readers; a) excited some of them b) scared the other half of them. But believe me, the crew are tops and whatever fear that dives into your head will soon be forgotten by the wonderful experience.
    A glass bottom boat is roughly the same ecept yes, as you said, for the depth part. I am glad that you enjoyed. I needed a large and varried number to tell the submarine story.

    I am glad to have had on your board, matey 🙂

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