Surfing Hawaiian style

For the first time, I was able to capture surfers. I was very excited! Since we bought a zoom lenses last year(18-200 mm Sigma), taking photos like these is now possible!

No; I can’t surf (even if I did live in Hawaii). But,  I love to watch the when the guys cut the waves. I guess these waves are not among the biggest but the current was strong and playful.

” No ka oi (number one), local bruddahs(bros)!!


Water babe…

He has style..

My favorite; this dude is enjoying himself seriously!

Ride with a buddy…


I even found a mermaid… err, a pretty young Hawaiian girl with very long hair.

7 thoughts on “Surfing Hawaiian style

  1. Barb, these photos are AWESOME!

    WOW…I can’t believe how close you got to them with your zoom lens!

    Love the clarity you captured of the moving water!

    What a stunning-looking girl/mermaid in the last shot. Love the hair!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, my friend!


    1. Hi Ronnie,
      I think that you are home from FL and probably back settled into your routine in Philly. How blasting hot it has been there according to the news.
      Thank you for your kind words. I was so excited being able to sneak up on these guys. Yes, the water is like suspended in mid-flight! If I remember the speed is was like 1/500th of a sec.

      That young lady just swam by so, I borrowed her lovely image.
      Thanks again for popping in.

  2. Wow, she does have long hair!

    I love big waves but when I see some surf shots of Hawaii in surfing magazines, I can’t even imagine going into the water! Some waves are like walls of water!

    1. Hi Zhu,
      When I see chicas with long hair, I think of my teen years in HI when having long hair was in(of course, I did not have the look!).
      You would not see me swimming out to take photos. I am a rather bad swimmer and those really big waves spook me. Yes, a “wall of water” is the right expression. And, a powerful one at that. Only for the experienced and brave!!

  3. Bonjour Barbara, how lovely to speak to you this morning. Yes I can see what you were talking about, being able to capture them. You did a great job, and my favourite is the same as yours 🙂 He seems to be looking straight at the camera 🙂 hugs Anne x

    1. Hi Anne,
      I had a nice time chatting with you on the phone.Ah yes, those are the surfer boys! :). Thank you for your encouragement. I had lots of fun with this. Yes, my happy surfer seems to be looking at me! He gave me a great pic so “Thank you dude, whoever you are!!”
      Have a wonderful week xo

  4. Okay…..that is one joyful fella. What a cool photo–even had ME smiling. (and the water is way cool, too…..)
    You capture stuff I have absolutely NO experience in capturing.
    *laughing* DUH…..I’m 2000 miles from the ocean! Silly me!! 😉

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