D’s picks(4/4)

Here we are at the last installment of my hubby’s fav photos as taken with his Coolpix. D thanks you all for you all for coming by and checking out his picks.
I DEFINATELY will repeat a theme using some of D’s photos the next time we take a longer trip.

Just an idyllic corner of Waikiki beach. How rare is that D got this with (almost) zero people. Because people are everywhere in this tourist area.

Whale mural in of all places, an industrial zone near the airport.

This beautiful mural was painted by world famous artist of marine animals, Wyland. This one is probably not visited by most tourists since it is far from Waikiki( where most tourists lodge).

If you love the sea and marine animals, take a look at this artists website: http://www.wyland.com/.

Cheers and have a nice day!


5 thoughts on “D’s picks(4/4)

  1. Like the Wikiki beach one – the footprints make it more interesting & less “perfect” – hints at the actual numbers of people around! 🙂

  2. Bonjour Joyce,
    Thank you. Yes! The texture on the sand of those “footyprints” next to smooth sand is interesting.
    Perfection is a highly subjective thing. Sometimes we never know if we really nailed something until we look on the computer. That’s the beauty of the black box :).


  3. You GO, D!!!!!

    Barb, I love the first one especially because of what Joyce shared….the footprints! Also, I love the shadows from the palm trees. His perspective of this shot is just beautiful!

    The second photo reminds me of the images I’ve seen at SeaWorld in Orlando!

    Thanks for sharing D’s photos. Really enjoyed them!

    Wishing you both a super weekend…..X

  4. You tell that fella of yours that he done GOOD.

    All the cool murals are near the airports where you don’t get to stop and get a photo of ’em……I swear.
    Awesome that he stole the shot!

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