The Hawaii within me

I am wrapping up my photo tour of Oahu, Hawaii with the following quote:

“Make good the good in you…and you will slowly steal into the Hawaiian heart, which is all of softness, and gentleness, and sweetness”. ~ Jack London, My Hawaiian Aloha.

Beautiful flowers to share with my friends!

When you think about places, you can understand how powerful they can be.
They can attract or turn you off.

Hawaii was not my birthplace but I came here at a young age. A large part of who I am comes from these volcanic islands under the sun. And, to know me is to know how important Hawaii contributed in making the person I am.

My sense of values to people, differences, cultures and races is all from here.
This is where I lived tolerance.
I did not read about what tolerance was or hear how it should be.
No, I was too busy living my life among the rainbow of peoples and cultures that make up Hawaii.

All children should grow up here and learn what it is to be tolerant and open so they live this value actively in their lives.

That Hawaiian spirit touches everyone that I meet.
Including you.

Hoping that you enjoyed seeing Hawaii… On to a new place in September, which will be our last overseas trip of 2012. I will be announcing that soon.

Aloha to all.


10 thoughts on “The Hawaii within me

  1. Thank you Barbara for a truly touching post with some profound truths. I can relate to much of what you say – and tolerance, inclusiveness and acceptance really do help to make the world go round in far smoother and much more cooperative ways. Those flowers are stunning.

    Currently between having the US branch of the family to stay & going on holiday with them next week. Right now they’re not so far from your region in France.

    Thanks for recently nominating me – very ice to be included and honoured, although not sure that I have the time/energy right now to respond as in the midst of family visit etc. Will be packing my camera for the forthcoming holiday in Iceland, so some views of that will hopefully be worth sharing!

    Joyce 🙂

  2. Bonjour Joyce,
    It is always a pleasure to see you here.
    Thank you so much, my dear. I realized how deeply how this trip renewed my links to Hawaii and my family there.
    Oh yes; the deep values of tolerance,acceptance and understanding are something that you can can definately relate to as a human being and as an Astrologer. The Hawaii experience is a profound one.

    I am so happy for you to hear that your family is in Europe! Wow; a trip to Iceland! How very cool. Yes, photos, please!!

    You are so welcome for the nomination. You will see how you would like to do with this one later.

    Big hugs and a big Hello to your family.

  3. Aloha Barb!

    What a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous post!

    Awesome, awesome photos, and awesome, awesome words you share!

    “All children should grow up here and learn what it is to be tolerant and open so they live this value actively in their lives.

    That Hawaiian spirit touches everyone that I meet.”

    AMEN! I have always heard that Hawaii is one of the MOST tolerant and open States, which is something the whole world needs to learn more of. I also heard that Hawaii is very open to alternative healing methods (such as Reiki and Reflexology). In fact, much of the history of Reiki goes back to Hawaii. Hawaii is were the practice of Reiki initially came to the States.

    ” And, to know me is to know how important Hawaii contributed in making the person I am.”

    ((((( Barb )))))

    Wonderful post, my friend! And I so enjoyed these posts you shared on Hawaii!


    1. Hello Ron,
      Thank you so much ((((( Ron)))))).
      It sometimes happens that I blog about what I feel about places that have a personal meaning.
      Hawaii is one of these special places on the face of the earth. I may not visit Hawaii very often but, I carry the values of Hawaii wherever I may go.
      You would be touched and delighted to see how open Hawaii people are. Come as you are!. I do not know much of the healing arts but, Hawaii is a spiritual place. So, the use of natural healing methods fits the vibes of this place.
      I am happy that you enjoyed this series. It was my pleasure.
      Big hugs

  4. Now there’s something you can proudly wear, day in day out. Wish that were the case for all places we call ‘home’…..the world would be a nicer place for everyone.

    And I agree with the others–the photos have been awesome. And the colours, fantastic. The flower one here is gorgeous…..*happy sigh* Very welcoming and loving and vibrant, but that sounds like the culture.

    Thanks for being all that you are. And for being that with all of us.


    1. Hi Mel,
      Thank you so much, my dear.
      It is an honor to carry such values. To have been raised with values that do humankind a big favor instead of putting it down or bringing havoc.
      My secret about the flowers; they were picked on a walk, and placed in D’s baseball cap until we had a bag! Beauty is all around you here. Wait until you get your first lei; flower garland **T’is sweet smelling heaven**
      X back to ya, dear.

  5. Hawai sounds like a wonderful place to grow up and your pictures were all beautiful. I wish I could go there someday. Looking forward to hear about your September trip.

    1. Hello Mitzie,
      Thank you for your kind words .:). Yes; Hawaii is an unforgettable place to visit.
      It is a long trip for you also but, lving in Dubai, you can go there through Asia( Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc) and connect to Honolulu. It is possible.
      Yes; you will hear about our next trip soon. Be assured.
      See you soon!

  6. Bonjour mon cher ami .. un poignant, après beau, si seulement vous .. vous êtes une personne attentionnée merveilleuse .. étreintes Anne

    1. Bonjour Anne,
      Thank you. Hawaii has done a lot to make me the person that I am. I know it. I sometimes say (when I see the different mentality in France) that it is a shame that more people couldn’t experience tolerance like in Hawaii. The world would really be a better place.
      Hugs, xox

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