For Dave

For a fellow photographer in Ireland, Dave Kennedy. Dave hails from Dublin,Ireland(one of my ancestral countries; Yay!!)

Thanks for inspiring me to do black and white photography. In the past, I tried black and white for fun. But  I never gave it a harder look. Since I read your blog ( here), I could see the possibilities. I really grabbed the stick and ran with it!

For you this photo of a tree taken in the little park (please see my following post). This is an old chestnut tree that is still producing (I saw lots of spiky pods).
I loved it’s twisted form and the striped texture of its bark. Frankly, it was definately b&w destined.

I hope you enjoy, Dave.



4 thoughts on “For Dave

  1. *three cheers*

    Barb, this black and white photo is BEYOND awesome! I too love its twisted form and the stripped texture. And you really nailed it!

    Isn’t black and white photography the best? There is something about how it invokes such a wonderful ‘mood’ from an image. And I can remember when I was a kid and had a Polaroid instant camera that only came with black and white film, and thought it was so boring. Now, I much prefer black and white to color.

    Just took a peak at your friend Dave’s blog and it’s wonderful. I will stop back later this week to read it more thoroughly.

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. Hope you’re having a great Thursday!


    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Thank you so much, dear. I will say that this tree attracted me and I guess that I got some positive inspiration. A natural for b&w with the forms and textures!!
      Black & white photography is a blast!! You can make such a strong moods with b&w. It s interesting how you did an “about face” and now love b&w photography!
      Dave does fantastic work. Well worth visiting!

      It was my pleasure, Ron.

  2. Hi Barb, yes it is me.
    I am truly humbled by your words. I am really honoured to think I have inspired you in some way.
    To me photography has always been about either inspiring people or simply giving people pleasure.
    I really love your photo by the way. The tones and textures in the bark is just amazing, you captured it so beautifully. I love the pure black tones in the lower right hand corner. You couldn’t have captured it any better.
    If you ever make it back here we should have an old fashioned shoot off, with cameras, not guns though.
    Thanks again.

  3. Hi Dave,
    Thank you for your kind words. This idea “popped” up during a stroll through my regional park( the one that I featured last winter). I saw the trees and thought about you and the trees at Phoenix park. But, it was not here but in the smaller park where the twisted Chestnut tree “winked” at me.

    I had a ooooohhh moment, looking at the tree from a lower angle and said “this was it!”!

    No problem at alll for a peaceful shoot out 🙂 I was a “wee bit” close to coming to Dublin 2 yrs ago but had to cancel due to a family crisis(my FIL became ill and subsequently passed on).
    But, I will get back to Ireland and Phoenix park is on the top part of my list.

    You are very welcome and see you soon.

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