The (almost) monochrome visit to the bees

Sometimes, you don’t have to travel far to find yourself in a beautiful new world…
I had discovered by chance that one of the town halls in my region had put up beehives since May of this year.
Have a peek:

The grounds. It is located behind the Sceaux town hall.

Looking towards the “prairie” (an open field with wildflowers for the gatherers to harvest their pollen)

A beehive. You might be able to see the bees. I was standing as close and zooming at maximum! The word is the name of one of the town’s quarters. There are four beehives and each carries the name of a quarter of the city.

The four hives are situated along a pond.

Wooden sculptures in the park area.

The “Queen of the bees”! Just kidding; a garden sculpture.

I could not resist leaving this in color;  wildflowers and beehives in a natural setting.

Wishing you also a positive day!


7 thoughts on “The (almost) monochrome visit to the bees

  1. Bellissima, Barb!

    WOW! Such great images of the bee hive and surrounding area. I love the third photo down of the close up of the hive. And yes, I did see the bees! Those wooden horse sculptures are faaaaaaabulous!

    Love how you concluded this post with the colored shot. Such a wonderful contrast to the black and whites!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. Enjoyed a lot!!!

    (((( You ))))


    1. Hey there Ronnie,
      Merci! This is a small park but very well done. I was right on the cord limit that separates the public from the bees.Those bees were going in and out of their hives and doing their business as usual. It is a great energy!
      These spaces inspired me for b&w but I had a cool moment seeing those wildflowers with their pastel colors with the beehives in the back. Kodak moment!
      Thanks for stopping by and hugs down to Philly.

  2. You are reminding me I should shoot in B/W more often! It’s pretty cool. People are too obsessed with color and sharpness, but there is something magic in monochrome.

    1. Hi Zhu,
      Oh yes; without a second of hesitation! You will feel which subjects and moments are “b&w” moments. Color is fascinating but, we can get lost in it. I would like to eventaully balance b&w with color. B&w is magic :); tap into the magic!!

  3. I keep telling myself I’m going to remember to flip to black and white…and then get so excited that I snap a bazillion in colour……and nada on the black and white!

    Wow…now maybe there’s a idea for the weekend.
    Lock it on black and white and suffer my way through colour withdrawls…LOL Yours turned out lovely. I particularly like the hive box closeup in black and white–not that it’s not pretty in colour, but I like the stark shades. Which is why I really liked the tree shot above.

  4. Hey there Mel,
    I know, you are a colors girl. I am also attached to color and favrite colors. I think that b&w is helping me work not only textures but also forms,perspective and composition.
    A b&w shooting weekend! Lovely idea!!
    Doesn’t that b&w bring out all the beauty of the wood textures? I was also happy with that!
    I will go by the park another time and will salute that beautiful ole tree. 🙂
    Happy weekend, dear lady! xox

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